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The Savouring Bath News page & Blog offers an insight into the tours we provide and information on some of Bath’s independent culinary businesses.  There are updates and interviews from our culinary artisans in our Supplier Focus series, and ideas for spending time in the city in our Itinerary Ideas posts.  You can also read about our culinary heritage old & new in Facts & Figures or find out all the latest in Savouring Bath News posts.

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mike james savouring bath tour guide
Interview with Director of Savouring Bath, Mike James
Interview with Director of Savouring Bath, Mike James 800 600

Watch our interview with Director of Savouring Bath, Mike James

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updates and changes
Updates and changes
Updates and changes 1024 768

There have been so many updates and changes which have happened in the last year. We developed a virtual tour, and we took on new suppliers for our tours. We even produced mini-tour videos, and engaged a social media manager who is working magic with our Instagram account.  One of our longest and most loyal suppliers has provided us with desk space in central Bath, improving how we work. We’ve…

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Bath Skyline
City to Countryside: Bath Skyline Mini-Tour
City to Countryside: Bath Skyline Mini-Tour 1024 768

Bath’s blend of ‘town & country’ is one of the city’s greatest assets In the final of our current series of mini-tours we’re leaving behind the city centre for the Bath Skyline. When I first moved here in 2010, I was completely enamoured by the closeness of the city to the countryside.  I love how quickly you can get from the centre of the city, to a place with a…

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Guildhall Market & Pulteney Bridge: Mini-Tour
Guildhall Market & Pulteney Bridge: Mini-Tour 1024 768

Bath’s Pulteney Bridge is unique! It was constructed in the 1770’s by Scottish architect, Robert Adam, and influenced by similar bridges in Italy.  Pulteney Bridge one of Bath’s iconic works of architecture and is allegedly is 1 of only 4 bridges in the world to have shops across its full span. The weir below the bridge is reasonably modern (1970s) but there has been a weir here since the medieval…

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The Circus & Assembly Rooms: Mini-Tour
The Circus & Assembly Rooms: Mini-Tour 1024 768

The Circus (originally known as The King’s Circus) is one of the crowning achievement’s of Bath’s renowned architect of the 18th century, John Wood the Elder.  He started construction in 1754 which was the same year he died, so he tragically never saw it completed, but it was completed by his son. The Circus is a circular residential development built of the honey-coloured Bath stone, in the Palladian style.  It…

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Union Passage & The Corridor: Mini-Tour
Union Passage & The Corridor: Mini-Tour 1024 1365

Bath is a small city which is easy to navigate, but there’s lots of hidden nooks & crannies such as Union Passage. On this mini-tour we explore passages and alleyways close to the main streets, but slightly hidden away.  It’s all seconds away from the Roman Baths Museum, Bath Abbey, and the city centre attractions. They’re characterful areas crammed full of independent businesses including handcrafted food and drink outlets.  Union…

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Queen Square: Mini-Tour
Queen Square: Mini-Tour 1024 768

Queen Square in Bath is one of the early achievements of Bath’s great architect John Wood the Elder. Queen Square was named after the wife of King George II, Caroline of Ansbach. It was built as part of John Wood’s grand vision to reinvent Bath as the new version of Ancient Rome. But the buildings we see today, were not all constructed at the same time.  Wood laid out the…

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chocolate ice cream
Kingsmead Square: Mini-Tour
Kingsmead Square: Mini-Tour 1024 1024

This weeks 10 minute mini-tour of Bath takes us to Kingsmead Square on the west side of the city centre! Kingsmead Square is Bath’s street-food-central, but we also explore Monmouth Street, and Beauford Square where more scenes from ‘Bridgerton’ were filmed.  Then we head across Barton Street to Trim Street (also a filming location for ‘Bridgerton’ and ‘Sherlock’), and finish on Trim Bridge.  You’ll hear a little more history of…

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Bath’s Abbey Quarter: Mini-Tour
Bath’s Abbey Quarter: Mini-Tour 1024 828

As the UK government have now announced that within the coming months, lockdown is going to end, and our social restrictions will be less… well… less restrictive.  So, we wanted to tempt you to come and visit our beautiful World Heritage city with a series of mini-tours highlighting different parts of our city, starting with the Abbey Quarter. Over the next few months, we’re planning to post a new 10-min…

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Bath’s Artisans Old & New: Sweet Farewells
Bath’s Artisans Old & New: Sweet Farewells 1024 1024

Our city has a consistently changing landscape of independent businesses retailing and producing handcrafted food and drink.  Bath’s culinary artisans have become an integral part of our city, helping define us an our culture.  Contrary to the trend in closures due to the global pandemic, our city is already seeing a number of new culinary artisans entering the fray. As part of our Supplier Focus series, I’ve produced 3 blogs…

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