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Culinary tourism is currently claimed to be the largest area of growth in the global tourism industry. Savouring Bath was established in 2016 to plug this gap in the city’s visitor economy and we have continued to play a vital role in this sector by providing high standard, culinary tourism experiences.

We are driven by:

  • Our relationships with people (clients, staff, and suppliers);
  • A commitment to sustainable and responsible tourism;
  • The aim to attain the highest possible quality in our service provision;
  • Passion and genuine love for what we do: connecting individuals over a love of handcrafted food & drink, and the independent business movement in Bath.

An appreciation and understanding of these driving powers is a requirement for anyone wishing to work with us in any capacity.

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Food & Drink Businesses In Bath

CURRENT STATUS: Ongoing sourcing programme

We are always actively looking to engage with independent food & drink businesses in Bath to add to our existing list of visits for our walking tours. Working with the visitor economy can be especially rewarding for producers & retailers who are willing to engage with visitors, and Savouring Bath is highly experienced in facilitating this process as part of our tour portfolio. While we prefer a member of staff/the business owner at each visit to share the story of their product and business with our clients, our guides are expected to learn the details so they can share this when you are not available.

We work with businesses who fulfil the following criteria:

  • The business must be independently owned with a maximum of 3-4 outlets under 1 brand;
  • You must be producing and/or retailing food and/or drink which has been handcrafted by artisan methods, rather than mechanically produced en masse;
  • You must have premises where our tour guides can safely visit with clients, and where they can sample your product(s);

We also prefer your business to have a minimum of 6 months of operational history at the venue our tours will visit, and FSA rating of 4+, and be willing to discuss product which is suitable for sampling, and which we can purchase in advance of our visits, within our predefined budgets.

If you would like to have a conversation with us about how we might be able to work together, please get in touch by emailing

Food & Drink businesses in the region surrounding Bath

CURRENT STATUS: not actively sourcing but open to discussion

Savouring Bath regularly take enquiries for culinary tours in the nearby region. We welcome the opportunity to engage with artisan food & drink producers we could visit with clients as part of a full or half day tour from Bath. Such businesses could include:

  • Cider or cheese producers
  • Farms, vineyards and agricultural producers
  • Chocolatiers & confectioners
  • Other small scale culinary product manufacturers

All potential businesses must have the ability to accommodate visitors in some form, and must be suitably established for such visits. Visits should provide an insight into the production of the food & drink you are making, and the story behind your product(s) and/or business, along with samples for our clients to taste. Your venue must be within reasonable driving distance from Bath, and there must be vehicle access and parking for cars or a minibus.

Further to this, we work with businesses who fulfil the following criteria:

  • The business must be independently owned;
  • You must be producing food and/or drink which has been handcrafted by artisan methods;

If you would like to have a conversation with us about how we might be able to work with you, please get in touch by emailing

Tour Guides & Administrative Staff


Our freelance Tour Guides are the face of our business and represent us both with suppliers and clients. All our Guides are highly personable, and love connecting with people. They all live in Bath and their genuine passion for the city’s independent culinary industry and heritage is clear in their engagement with our clients. Our Guides are also constantly learning: their knowledge of food history and heritage, and of Bath’s culinary and hospitality industry is constantly being refreshed. They are skilled storytellers and they are always looking for new ways to tell stories and engage different demographics, to ensure that every client has the best value experience. We remunerate competitively as a result, on a pre-defined scale, with incentive opportunities.

Requirements/Training provision:

  • Tour guiding experience is not required as we will provide training and continuing development opportunities with chances to learn and increase your repertoire and tour guiding skillset.
  • Applicants must live within easy reach of the city centre and be willing to work on a self-employed/freelance basis.
  • The ability to present to groups, and create a personable atmosphere (e.g. sharing your own experience of Bath and the city’s food & drink scene) within a small group situation, is a necessity.
  • A passionate interest in Bath and city’s food & drink scene is also a must, and a keen interest in the cultural history and heritage of the city is also a minimum requirement, though pre-existing or extensive knowledge is not necessary.

If you think you fulfil the above attributes, we would love to hear from you. Please email expressions of interest with a CV and covering message explaining why you are a good fit for this role, to

Ticket Distributors


We no longer encourage 3rd party distribution.


CURRENT STATUS: Not actively seeking opportunities in this area at the current time.

We are currently contributing to a locally-based charitable food project in Bath and we do not currently have any further resources to contribute to other charitable projects.

When considering charitable contributions we look for the following attributes:

  • Your organisation should be independent and community focussed;
  • We require evidence of longevity, e.g. up to date website, social media channels, ongoing projects;
  • We prefer to work with charities who are based in Bath and work directly with food e.g., provision (such as a food bank), or creation (such as community growing projects).

Unfortunately we are no longer offering auction or raffle prizes to organisations/individuals making unsolicited enquiries.

Marketing & Advertising

CURRENT STATUS: Not recruiting

We have a comprehensive and strategical approach to both marketing and advertising. We are not currently looking to engage any new suppliers in these areas.

Tech & Payment solutions

CURRENT STATUS: Not recruiting

We are not currently looking to engage with new suppliers in these areas.