What is a food tour?

Our tours are a unique way to experience Bath and the local culture, by engaging the senses of taste and smell, as well as sight and sound!
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Bath food & drink tour

Each and every culture around the world is unique.

We are defined by so many different assets and traits, but food and drink connects us all. Understanding and connecting with food and drink traditions in any location around the world, is a great way to understand the people from that area.
Food tours provide a broad ranging sensory experience of cultures. With chances to see famous sites, and listen to tales of the city, they combine the traits of a classic walking tour with sampling of locally made food and drink, which also engages your senses of taste and smell. By engaging more of the senses through food tourism, we have more opportunity to connect with people and places. Breaking down barriers through these experiences is an increasingly popular way to connect with places wherever you travel, near or far.

Founder of the World Food Travel Association, Erik Wolf, describes food tourism as: “…a taste of place in order to get a sense of place.”

What happens on a tour?

  • Our locally based tour guides will meet you to share a walking tour of Bath’s city centre.
  • Visits to independent businesses are included, where you’ll get to taste handcrafted food & drink samples.
  • You’ll hear the story behind each business and the products you’ll be tasting.
  • Your guide will share their personal experiences of the city’s independent businesses and social scene.
  • They’ll also share their extensive knowledge of Bath with anecdotal tales of the city’s history & culinary heritage.
  • You’ll see some of the recognisable locations which make Bath so beautiful and which have been seen in TV & movies.
  • You’ll also meet-the-makers! Bath is full of people creating great food & drink with locally sourced produce, and you’ll meet some of them during your tour.
  • You’ll be part of a small group of a maximum of 8 people so the tour feels more personal.

Each of our tours is slightly different, following a different theme, and visiting different businesses.

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Artisanal Food & Drink Tours
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Isn't British food & drink bland and uninteresting?

Perhaps it was once… but not any more! In recent years the UK has experienced a culinary revolution. Artisans have emerged across the country, producing exciting gastronomic creations. Inspired by sustainability and local sourcing, producers are finding new ways to entice us to their cafes, kitchens, restaurants, markets and retail outlets.

There is now a stronger preference than ever before for ‘handcrafted’ rather than mass-produced, factory-line product. We’re more discerning about what we eat and how it affects our environment and ecology. Questions are being asked we’ve never asked so much before, such as:

  • Where does it come from?
  • Were the ingredients sourced locally?
  • Are they natural rather than synthetic?
  • Who made it?
  • Is it ethical?
  • How is it sustainable?
  • Is the packaging recyclable or biodegradable?
  • …and so many more

Why Bath?

Bath has been a popular place to live for many years, and a popular tourist destination. It makes sense that many of these mould-breaking culinary creatives should ply their wares in the city, and that people here would be asking these questions.

In fact Bath has been a popular destination for over 2000 years and is arguably the UK’s longest-established leisure resort. Therefore, the fact it has a special place on the culinary map of the UK also comes as no surprise. The city attracts new culinary artisans every year, providing an ever changing roll-call of people creating exciting food & drink. They all bring their passion and enthusiasm to what they do, and this carousel of players has kept the city’s taste buds entertained since Bath was founded.

This all means that joining one of our food tours today means you won’t always get the same as you did the last time you visited. It makes our tours a joy to take, and fun for us to share.

Self-guided tour of Bath's parks & culinary outlets