Private Culinary Tours

Private food tours of Bath offer you a chance to have an itinerary designed exclusively to your needs. We'll draw on the city's large range of culinary artisans to showcase the best the city has to offer!

Private Food Tours of Bath

Savouring Bath – our tours of Bath

Private Food & Drink Tours of Bath

Private Food & Drink Tours of Bath
Private Food & Drink Tours of Bath
Private Food & Drink Tours of Bath

Private Food Tours of Bath

Our private food tours of Bath are bespoke experiences, with unique itineraries created entirely to suit your needs and requests.  Each private tour is hosted by one of our local culinary tour guides, who will be with you exclusively for the duration of the tour. They’ll even offer to meet you at a city centre location of your choice.

Over the years, we have developed strong ties with Bath’s incredible, independent food & drink artisans. We’ll use our expert knowledge and connections to ensure that your private tour will make your experience of Bath extra special

Private food tours are especially popular with:

  • Family groups
  • Couples who prefer a more personal experience
  • Anyone celebrating a special event such as a birthday or anniversary
  • Corporate groups
  • Businesses looking to entertain guests or clients
  • Educational groups studying food & drink or culinary history

We can also provide tours and tasting events for events organisers, travel trade and tour operators. Get in touch & let us know your requirements.

Tour information


Tour Duration : 2 hours minimum (3 hrs recommended)

Price per person : from £65 per person (see below for more info: “Pricing & Booking”)

Capacity : 2 or more people

Availability : on request, Tues-Sat only, all year (min. 2 weeks notice required; we are not able to produce tours on Sundays and Mondays)

Celebration Packages : Add these per person when you book your tour. Learn more by clicking here.

Private Food & Drink Tours of Bath

Pricing & Booking

Prices are per group, not per person:

  • 2 people: £315
  • 3 people: £360
  • 4 people: £390
  • 5 people: £420
  • 6 people: £465
  • 7 people: £528.50
  • 8 people: £580
  • 9 people: £630
  • 10 people: £650

For groups of more than 10, please get in touch for a quote.

All tours are of 3-hours duration and each tour guide can take a maximum of 8-10 people or we can provide multiple guides for larger groups (see the below FAQ for more info).

Use the ‘Enquire Now‘ button to make your initial enquiry. We’ll then reply to confirm our availability, as well as answer any questions you have.

Whichever option you choose, a private tour with Savouring Bath is an amazing way to enjoy the incredible tastes and textures from Bath’s culinary artisans!

Make your tour extra special…

Add the gift of a keepsake to take home at the end of your tour!

Our gift bags include

  • our bespoke maps of Bath which highlight all the visits you’ve made on your tour,
  • the most up to date copy of our independent business guide, showcasing the best of Bath’s artisans and unique businesses,
  • and at least 5 samples of product from the range of artisan food & drink creators we work with in the city, so you can keep sampling at home after your tour!

Gift bags can be booked for an extra £30 per person to make everyone on your tour feel extra special!

Request gift bags when you get in touch to enquire about your private tour.

Frequently asked questions about private tours

Our tours work best for groups of a maximum 6-8 people per guide. This is partly because we work with businesses who have limited space. Though it’s also because we’ve found that 6-8 people allows for a more intimate and personable atmosphere. So 6-8 people allows us to create the best environment for the group to enjoy the tour. We can push this capacity to 10 per guide (weekdays only), but it restricts which suppliers your tour can visit.

If you have a group of larger than 8-10, we will split the group and provide multiple guides. This offers a number of different options for itineraries. It can work especially well for groups who have a mix of differing dietary needs/preferences.

For example:

Let’s say a group has 12 people. 3 are vegetarian, 4 really like meat, and 5 are indifferent. We’ll split the group into 2 groups of 6, between 2 different guides. One group will follow an entirely meat free itinerary. The other will follow an itinerary with 1 or more meat samples.

In some cases when groups are split, both groups can start and finish together at the same venues. This requires plenty of notice in order that we can ensure space with our suppliers.

We have compiled health & safety protocols to ensure the best environment for everyone involved in our tours, without compromising the quality of what we provide.

Our operation has been independently assessed by Quality in Tourism and accredited to Safe, Clean & Legal™ requirements. We impose a maximum capacity on group sizes and each of our suppliers is regularly checked by us for health & safety compliance. For further information on how seriously we take the health & safety of everyone involved in our tours please read our Health & Safety Guide.

Absolutely, yes!

We love to welcome families including children of any age on private tours. Within the boundaries of your itinerary, our tour guides are equipped to adjust their delivery to suit the needs of your group. If you’d like us to cater for your children’s preferences, please tell us in advance and we’ll try to accommodate.


Many of our suppliers have limited access and space. If you wish to bring a child in a stroller/pushchair, please let us know so we can plan accordingly.

A word of advice:

While we will always acknowledge that you know your child far better than we could, we’ve regularly found that young children don’t respond well to some foods, or to engagement, discussion, and commentary. This can reduce value for them and for other tour participants. This is why we’ve set an age limit of 8+ for our scheduled tours, although we are happy to accommodate children of any age on privately booked tours if we are informed in advance.

Children under the age of 8:

We provide the same service for everyone on the tour, regardless of age, and we provide the same food & drink samples for every ticket holder. In order to ensure the best value, it’s wise that everyone joining the tour brings a broad palette and an adventurous culinary spirit! However, if you wish to bring a child under the age of 8 on a private tour with you, we are happy to accommodate them free of charge but we will not include samples for them and you must inform us that they will be joining you. Although if you would like them to be offered samples, please purchase a ticket at our standard price.

Yes! The shortest private tour duration we can provide is 2 hours.

2 hour tours move at a faster pace than our standard tours, and have less stops/visits, less commentary, and rarely include any seated tastings. We create curated itineraries for quality rather than quantity, so we’ll always aim to provide the best experience within your time frame. As our production costs are the same, 2 hour tours are only available for a minimum of 6 people to ensure we cover our costs and provide the best range of samples we can offer.

Please provide detailed information when requesting a short tour, so we can create a tour of the best value for you.

Sadly not. Each of our tours takes a large amount of production work. This is all done in advance to ensure your tour can operate, and runs smoothly. This is normally a minimum of 2 days work, but can take over a week. To produce a bespoke itinerary, the amount of production work takes even longer.

For the best value, please get in touch with a minimum of 2 weeks notice to book your private tour.

This depends on the nature of your requirements. Be as specific as you can when making your enquiry and we’ll be honest about what we can offer. The more varied the requirements of the tour participants, the less likely we’ll be able to accommodate everyone’s needs. Although, there may also end up being less compromises than you expect!

Please note that for our “Gin Tasting Masterclass” we are unable to accommodate any special dietary requirements.

When submitting information regarding Special Dietary Requirements, please do not use this as an opportunity to advise us about likes/dislikes.  This can devalue the experience for anyone in your group who suffers genuine medical allergies or intolerances. You’ll be able to advise us about your preferences separately. You’ll find more information about this in our Special Dietary Requirements Policy.

We are regularly told by tour participants that the element of surprise is one of the most fun parts of our tours! If you need this level of detail, please get in touch with us to discuss… but it’s unlikely we’ll give everything away in advance of your tour!!

Private Food & Drink Tours of Bath

Themed tours & events

As well as our bespoke tours, you can also privately book options from our pre-existing repertoire of itineraries & events:

Guilty Pleasures | Food Heroes | Local Flavours | Gin Tasting Masterclass

We can also design tours or events with your choice of theme or structure. For example, a tour, or a seated sampling event, which focuses on specific product such as cheeses, coffee, tea, cake, Asian food, or Mediterranean cuisine… or let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll get creative with our artisan food & drink friends in Bath to create an event just for you!!