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Savouring Bath offer culinary sampling tours similar to the concept of a tasting menu in a restaurant.  In order to create your private/bespoke tour we will draw on our 40+ suppliers in Bath to provide a broad selection of artisanal food and drink samples to inspire your senses and tantalise your taste buds!… all you’ll need to bring, is a broad palette, and a culinary sense of adventure, to ensure you’ll experience the best of the city’s independent culinary artisans!

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Tour Options

We offer a range of tour options for anyone booking a private tour. You can choose from the tours in our repertoire (click on 'Tour Schedule' in the menu at the top of each page, to find out more about each option); or, at no extra cost, you can choose a bespoke tour which allows us to customise an itinerary based on the information you provide to us.

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Immersive Activities

As a premium extra to the price and duration of your tour/event, you can opt to include an Immersive Activity (click 'Immersive Activities' in the 'Private Tours' menu above to find out more).

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Special Dietary Requirements

We take Special Dietary Requirements very seriously. Any information you provide here we will understand as a genuine health-affecting allergy or intolerance which can lead to serious, debilitating illness, or adverse physiological consequences. We will provide advice about our tours based on the information you provide. If the information you provide changes at a later time it may affect the price of your tour and our ability to fulfil the service we will quote for you. This is not the place to tell us about likes or dislikes, or product you would simply prefer we avoid including in your tour/event - please provide that information separately in answer to question 9, below.

8) Please provide information on any genuine special dietary requirements you are aware of from your group (N.B. you can provide general information about allergies/intolerances here as we'll ask you to be more specific when you complete your booking).

Preferences & Further Info

9) Do you have any further special requests, i.e. food or drink likes/dislikes, or something special you'd like us to try to include or avoid? (we’ll ask for more detail on this later, so just a vague idea is fine, or put ‘none’).

10) Please provide further information about your event to help us in our planning and the advice we can provide you? (e.g. corporate event, family birthday etc.; name of person celebrating their birthday etc.; where is everyone from; what else do you have planned in Bath?). You can also use this space to provide any further information you would like us to consider when building your quote.

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