Food Heroes Tour of Bath

This tour brings you up close & personal with the legendary food specialities that have left their mark on the city AND the innovative individuals driving the current culinary scene

Food Heroes Tour of Bath

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Food Heroes

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Food Heroes Tour of Bath - Cheese
Food Heroes Tour of Bath – Bath Bun

Food Heroes

In recent years, the UK has slowly been transforming into one of the most exciting food cultures in the world. This is thanks to a unique blend of tradition, innovation and openness to world cuisines. Bath is no stranger to this trend and has become a popular destination for food aficionados.

“Food Heroes” is our showcase tour which shares the best of Bath’s culinary heritage.

You’ll encounter two different types of “food hero”: the legendary food specialities made in the city, which you’ll get to sample, AND the innovative individuals driving the current culinary scene. As we sample our way across the city, you’ll hear the story of why Bath is such an important location on the food and drink map of the UK.

Included in this tour

  • A ‘semi-private’ tour with a minimum of 2, and maximum of 6 participants.
  • A friendly and personable, locally-based Tour Guide, who has extensive experience of Bath’s independent food & drink industry.
  • A wide variety of food and drink tastings (savoury and sweet).
  • Anecdotal tales of Bath’s culinary heritage, food & drink history and legends, and the inspiring stories of our artisan suppliers.
  • Our Tour Guide’s personal recommendations and advice on local food, drink and shopping hot spots.
  • A bespoke map of the city highlighting our suppliers so you can retrace your steps, plus a comprehensive, best-of-the-rest handout.
  • High standards of health & safety, independently assessed by Quality in Tourism and accredited to Safe, Clean & Legal™ requirements.
  • An incredible culinary sampling experience set to the stunning backdrop of the UK’s World Heritage city of Bath.

Dietary Information

We do not recommend our Food Heroes tour for anyone with severe allergies or intolerances. Samples on this tour are likely to contain:

  • Gluten: in the majority of samples offered
  • Dairy/lactose: in the majority of samples offered

Samples on this tour can be adjusted to accommodate: vegetarians and pescatarians

Food Heroes works best for: participants with a broad palette who are able to consume gluten and dairy products; and vegetarians

It provides limited value for: participants who are not able to consume any gluten or dairy products

We do not recommended this tour for: participants requiring an entirely plant-based, gluten-free, and/or dairy/lactose-free diet; anyone with any severe allergies or intolerances.

If you need advice regarding suitability of this tour, please contact us before making a booking. We’ll advise and accommodate as best we can based on what you tell us about your special dietary requirements.

Please see our Special Dietary Requirements Policy for more detailed information.

“Bring a broad palette, and a culinary sense of adventure, and explore the UNESCO World Heritage City of Bath using your tastebuds!”

Tour information

Tour Duration : ~3 hours

Price per person : £85

Capacity : min 2 participants; max 6 participants

Schedule : Weds to Fri daily at 9:45am. February to November only.

Availability : Advance booking only, by minimum of 48 hours in advance. Please use the ‘Book Now’ button below to check availability on your required date. Dates available up to 22nd November 2024.

Celebration Packages : Add these per person when you book your tour. Learn more by clicking here.

Private tours : This tour is also available privately on request (Tues-Fri mornings only; minimum purchase required).

Private food tours of Bath

Private food tours of Bath

Our private food tours of Bath are bespoke entirely to your needs and requests. You’ll have the services of one of our locally based, and expert culinary tour guides to yourself for the duration of the tour.

To make your tour extra special, we’ll ask you about your preferences so we can create an itinerary customised to suit you. Our wide range of connections with Bath’s incredible artisan culinary businesses, ensures we can design an itinerary just for you.