The Royal Crescent Hotel

A stay at one of Bath's most exclusive and iconically recognisable locations combined with our bespoke culinary tour, is a great way to experience the best of Bath!

Accommodation in Bath

Georgian era elegance, 20th century luxury, and an immersive culinary experience...

Since early 2020, Savouring Bath have partnered with the Royal Crescent Hotel to provide exclusive, bespoke culinary tours of Bath. Booking a stay at the hotel offers an opportunity to include our private culinary sampling tour with a bespoke itinerary, and a few extra surprises along the way.

Along with stunningly appointed 5-star accommodation, The Royal Crescent Hotel’s garden is a haven of peace & tranquility. It’s where you’ll find the award-winning Montagu’s Mews restaurant which is one of our personal favourite places for fine-dining in Bath. We can especially recommend the Tasting Menus or Afternoon Teas!

Your accommodation package

Including our tour in your accommodation package, means we’ll meet you to start your private tour at the hotel. We can also finish at a location which suits you best. We’ll include visits to some of Bath’s most creative food and drink artisans to sample their products during your 3 hour walking tour. There’ll be a series of seated visits along with curb-side tastings, some interior, and some exterior.

Along with exceptional service from the hotel’s friendly team, we’ll also provide all the best advice you need. All to ensure you take home great memories of your stay and culinary experience of our city!

To book your exclusive tour with us…

visit the Royal Crescent Hotel’s webpage to browse accommodation availability. Get in touch with the hotel directly to add our tour to your accommodation booking.

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