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If a tour is not offered at at time you want, this is generally because we are not able to offer tours at those times on our current schedule, e.g. across the lunchtime rush or in the evenings, when our suppliers are at their busiest, or are simply unavailable.

Some of our regular suppliers close on Sundays, and/or have limited opening hours, so we do not currently schedule tours on Sundays, but we may be able to accommodate you on a private tour.  Get in touch now to make your request!

In the evenings, most of our suppliers do not operate so we do not currently schedule tours, but we can offer private tours at these times.  Get in touch now to make your request!

If a time slot for a tour is empty (i.e. nobody has booked that time slot/tour) by 48 hours prior to the tour, then that time slot may be taken off sale so that we can release our guide, who has kept their availability up until that point.  It is wise therefore, to complete your booking by a minimum of 2 days prior to the tour, or you may be disappointed by booking at short notice.  Tours which are operating with space remaining, will often stay on sale until between 24 hours to 1 hour prior to the advertised start time.

You’ll need to choose the tour you want first – use the calendar on our Tour Schedule page to check which tours are operating on the date you require.  Once you’ve found the tour and/or date you require, click the ‘Book Now’ button on the tour’s page (these can be found in the dropdown menu under ‘Tour Schedule’ at the top of every page).

You’ll need to select how many spaces you want to book which will determine if we have availability to accommodate you on the date you want.  If a date for a tour is available, you’ll see the date highlighted in green, and you can click on this to make your booking.  If a date for a tour is highlighted in red, this tour is not currently available.

Dates which appear in orange, are also currently unavailable but you can click these dates to add your name to a waiting list.  These dates could be unavailable because there’s not enough space left for the amount of people in your group, or because you’ve only asked for 1 space on a tour with no other bookings (we are only able to operate tours for a minimum of 2 participants due to supplier restrictions).  If you click an orange date and register your name on our waiting list, even if you’re a solo traveller, we’ll be in touch to let you know if and when this tour has available space.

Most of our scheduled tours are of 3 hours duration but our private tours are all bespoke to your needs so can be longer or shorter. The duration of each scheduled tour is listed against the tour description – visit our Food & Drink Tours page now to select a tour and find out more.

The minimum duration for any tour (including privately booked, bespoke tours) is 2 hours – any less than this devalues the experience we offer, which we don’t want to compromise.  If you are looking for a culinary experience of Bath which is less than 2 hours, we recommend checking the Eat & Drink pages on the Visit Bath website in advance of your visit, so you can see what the city has to offer in the limited time you have available.

The start and finish locations of each tour are different for each tour, and will be provided in your booking confirmation. All start and finish locations for every tour are within a maximum of 5-10 mins walk from either Bath Spa station or Bath Abbey.

The focus on each tour is primarily on the food you’ll be sampling. However, our guides are passionate about Bath and the city’s unique history and culture, so we’ll provide anecdotal stories of the city’s history, mostly relating to our culinary culture, but we’ll often also include information about the independent culinary businesses we visit and the samples you’ll be offered, as well as chat about other food and drink, and culinary outlets in the city.  Occasionally we may also stop to point out something of interest along the way, but otherwise our commentary tends to focus on the food itself and our amazing artisan suppliers!

If you are looking for a historical tour of Bath check out our ‘Georgian Fare’ tour which focuses on the city’s 18th century culinary heritage; we can also offer private tours themed around 1 or 2 specific foods, e.g. cheese, coffee, beer, wine, baked goods etc…. contact us now to lets us know your requirements and get a full quote!

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Special dietary information will be requested from you as part of the booking process. As long as we know by a minimum of 1 week in advance, we will let our suppliers know, and they will cater as best they can for most special dietary needs.  However, we are not able to accommodate severe allergies and intolerances such as milk protein allergy, severe nut allergies, or anything else which is likely to lead to an extreme physiological reaction.  If you suffer from a severe allergy or intolerance or if you are allergic or intolerant to 3 or more culinary products, we do not recommend booking our tour.

Vegetarian and pescatarian diets are easily catered for, but if you require entirely gluten-free products, dairy or lactose-free products, or if you follow an entirely plant-based diet, you will not get the best value from our scheduled tours and we recommend you book a private tour so we can best cater for your needs.

If your special dietary need is particularly unusual to us then we will try to contact you on receipt of your booking, but if you don’t hear from us, rest assured that we expect to be able to cater accordingly to a reasonable degree (e.g. there may be 1 tasting in 8 which might not be appropriate for you).

If you are part of a private tour group or special event, please check with your group organiser to ensure your needs have been accounted for.

You’ll find more information listed in each tour description regarding special dietary needs, and in our our Special Dietary Requirements Policy but please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns.

First you need to decide when you want to join a tour! Tours coming up imminently are shown at the bottom of every page on our website. Alternatively, just visit our Tour Schedule page then select the tour of your choice either by scrolling down and clicking on the tour of your choice to read more and book; or by clicking on the date you require from the calendar, to find which tours we’re operating that day, then clicking on the ‘read more’ button to learn more about the tour and book. Please note that the calendar on the Tour Schedule page does not give an indication of availability.

You will the find frequency of tours listed on each tours’ page, and a ‘Book Now’ button which will take you through the booking process – this allows you to select the date for that tour from a calendar, which is also where you’ll see availability for that particular tour.

Once you have completed your booking you will receive an automated confirmation by email detailing all the information you need for the tour, and you will also receive a reminder email around 3 days before the tour.

To book a private tour with us, please use our contact form to provide your date & time requirements, and how many people you’d like to bring. We’ll then get back to you asap, to confirm availability and a full quote.

Sadly not. All of our tours include visits with one or more suppliers who expect us to book our visits with them in advance so that they can prepare food for us (occasionally made just to our needs), and ensure there is space and staff to accommodate us. Each tour is therefore normally taken off sale around 2 days in advance. Any additional bookings beyond this cannot normally be accommodated so it is unwise to turn up for a tour without a booking as we will not be able to accommodate you.

Nope! We’ll be doing lots of eating and walking, so just a hungry mouth and a decent pair of shoes should be all you need!

No… all the food samples we’ll provide are included in the price you pay to join the tour. However, if you wish to make purchases with our suppliers, we can normally allow some time for this, but this is neither compulsory nor expected.

We’ll also provide you with a map at the end of the tour so you can head back to any supplier you might wish to revisit when you may find it easier to make purchases in your own time… always mention that you previously visited with a Savouring Bath tour and you’ll be sure of a lovely, friendly welcome!

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If the email address you used to make your booking is with hotmail, Gmail, or BT, you may find that our emails are either blocked completely or sent to your junk/spam folder.

If you don’t find our booking confirmation in your inbox within 2-3 mins of completing your booking, please check your spam/junk folder.  If you still don’t find our confirmation, please email to let us know but be sure to use an alternative email address to the one you provided as part of your booking, and ensure that you provide a contact phone number, and we’ll do all we can to get in touch with you!

We’ve had our tech team do everything we realistically can to ensure the booking confirmation emails we send to our customers are not rejected by various servers, and will continue to try and find options within our reach to stop this from happening, but in the meantime, we ask for your patience, and that if you haven’t heard from us, you contact us so we can ensure you have all you need to join our tour and experience the best of Bath’s culinary artisans!

In order to ensure we get the best visits and food options for you on our tours, we book and pay for all your samples in advance of your tour, so sadly we are only able to make refunds under certain conditions.  If you wish to cancel a scheduled tour more than 2 weeks in advance, or a private tour more than 1 month in advance, then we are able to make partial refunds. Please check our Booking Terms for full details.

If you don’t show up for your tour, we’ll try to call you to ensure you’re on your way and that you’re not struggling to find us, so if you know you’re not going to make it, we’d be grateful if you could let us know.

All the the food and drink suppliers we visit are independent businesses and as many of them operate in very old buildings, some don’t have step-free access, and many have limited space. All our tours and activities involve walking so participants with walking difficulties may struggle to get the best out of the tour.

Wheelchair users have taken our tours in the past and with advance notice, we’ve been able to plan and provide prior advice, to help them get the best out of the tour avoiding as many obstacles as possible. But it’s really vital that you let us know in advance regarding any mobility issues, so that we can plan to accommodate your needs as much as possible.

The maximum walking distance between any 2 suppliers is 320 yards on our “Guilty Pleasures” tour, but on most tours it’s an average of about 100-150 yards. Many of our visits are not seated though, so if you struggle to walk this distance, or are unable to stand unaided for at least 15 minutes, you may want to discuss options with us before making your booking.

We want our tours to be as accessible to as many people as possible regardless of mobility issues so if you would like to discuss accessibility with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  If necessary, we will be happy to call you to discuss and plan accordingly.

Arriving on any of our tours without having informed us of any mobility issue may result in disappointment and our reduced ability to provide the best value for money, so please don’t hesitate to request a call back by contacting us first, in order that we can plan to ensure you get the best out of your Savouring Bath culinary sampling experience!

Yes! Children aged 8+ accompanied by a responsible adult are welcome to join our “Food Heroes”, “Planted!”, or “Local Flavours” tours, and those who have joined us in the past (especially teenagers) have all enjoyed our foodie experiences of Bath.  However, all participants on “Guilty Pleasures”, “Saturday Bites”, and “Georgian Fare” must be aged 18+.

We do not offer sample quantities based on a participants age, and so there is no reduction to ticket prices, regardless of a participants age.  Anyone joining the tour, regardless of age, occupies a space on the tour and must pay for that space – we cannot accommodate anyone joining at last minute, even if they don’t intend to consume samples, so please don’t put us in an awkward position where we have to turn you away, and always contact us if you have any questions or concerns even if it’s at the last minute.

Strollers are not permitted on any of our scheduled tours due to space limitations so toddlers and babies will have to wait a few years before they can join us!  However, if you wish to bring children aged under 8, or more than 3 children in any group, please get in touch to discuss booking a private tour so that we can cater accordingly and ensure everyone has the best experience possible!

We are still a very small team with no permanent admin support, and sadly we don’t currently have the resources to answer every call as we spend most of our time leading our culinary sampling experiences of Bath.

However, we’re happy to chat you by phone if you wish.  Please use our contact form to let us know your phone number and a brief idea of your enquiry; or call us on +44 (0) 1225 425843 where you can leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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