Booking Terms

Savouring Bath Booking Terms

The following terms and conditions apply to all tours and events operated by Akeman Tours Ltd. (a company registered in England and Wales, reg. no. 11796983), trading as ‘Savouring Bath’. This document sets out the terms by which Akeman Tours Ltd. (‘Us’, ‘We’, or ‘Our’) provides a tour or event for the person or parties (‘you’, ‘your’, or ‘the group’) booking the tour.

You acknowledge and agree that by accessing our website, and/or ticking the ‘I accept all terms and conditions’ box, you will be bound by these terms and conditions as written.

General Booking and Cancellation/Exchange Information:

  1. The following payment, cancellation, and exchange terms apply to all bookings made via our website.  If you have made a booking through one of our distribution partners or any third party, you may be subject to different terms so you should refer to them for their terms of sale which apply to your booking.
  2. Payment terms vary according to the type of tour or event you are booking. Please see information regarding eligibility for exchanges and cancellations listed by tour category below.
  3. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that you have correctly selected your required tour/event before making a payment. Refunds and exchanges will only be provided at our discretion and as per our conditions listed below.
  4. On completion of your booking and/or payment, you will receive an automated confirmation email with details of any payment taken, along with joining instructions for your tour & any further relevant advice.
  5. We are not liable for any exchange rate fees or bank charges you incur as a result of making any payment to us.
  6. All cancellation or exchange requests must be submitted in writing to
  7. All payments are processed by our payment processor which is Stripe, Inc.  Your statement will show that you have been charged by Akeman Tours Ltd.
  8. To avoid fraud, approved refunds will only be issued to the payment card used to pay for your booking and not by BACS, or to an alternative card. We are not able to issue refunds in cash or by cheque.
  9. All refunds will be issued in GBP unless vouchers were used to pay for your tour, in which case you will be refunded with new vouchers.
  10. In the unlikely event that we need to cancel a tour due to unforeseen circumstances, we will contact you at the earliest opportunity and your event/tour will be refunded to you in full. Under these circumstances, as an alternative to a refund, we will offer you the option to reschedule your event/tour, or exchange your tickets for gift vouchers, at no additional charge.
  11. These terms were last updated on 13th February 2022. Your booking is subject to the terms which appear on this page on the date you made/make your booking. All previous versions of these terms are archived to show the dates between which they are valid. If you would like to see previous versions of these terms please contact us with the relevant date, and we will reply to you within 14 days maximum.

Scheduled Tours:

  1. ‘Scheduled tours’ are tours or events which are scheduled on a regular basis.
  2. Each ticket purchased permits the bearer 1 place on the tour described in the booking confirmation, at the time shown.
  3. Each participant on any scheduled tour must have a valid ticket, which must have been purchased in advance via our website or an approved 3rd party.
  4. All tours operate only with a minimum of 2 participants. If booking via, all time slots are restricted to 2 tickets for the first sale (subsequent sales on that time slot can be made for 1 or more up to the capacity of the tour). If you are booking via a 3rd-party, you may find that you can complete a booking for 1 person even though no other tickets have yet been sold on that tour.  If no further tickets are purchased for that tour by 2 days prior to the tour, we will contact you to offer a free exchange to another date, or a full refund.

Cancellation, Refund and Exchange Requests

  1. Cancellation or exchange requests made more than 1 week prior to the tour or event date are subject to an administration fee of up to £2.50 per ticket.
  2. Cancellation or exchange requests made with less than 1 week before the confirmed tour or event date are subject to a fee of 100% of the total cost of the booking.

Private Tours and Events

(including privately booked online/virtual tours/events, and privately booked Gin Tasting Masterclasses)

Private tours and events are provided exclusively for a group of participants, at the request of a ‘Group Co-Ordinator’.


  1. Any quote of availability and/or price for a private tour/event is valid for a maximum of 1 week. If our quote is valid for less than 1 week, we will stipulate this in our quote to you.
  2. If the date for your private tour is more than 1 month away, we require payment of a non-refundable deposit of 10% of the total cost to secure the date of your tour/event. The remaining 90% can be paid at your leisure up to 1 month prior to the tour.
  3. Full payment for all tours/events must be made by a minimum of 1 month prior to your tour. If you are booking your tour less than 1 month before your tour, we require full payment to confirm the tour.
  4. Your booking is not confirmed until full payment, or payment of your deposit is received by us.  While your booking remains unconfirmed, there is a risk that our availability may change and the date/time you require becomes unavailable.
  5. We reserve the right to change the format and/or nature of your tour/event if the total number of participants changes from that agreed in your confirmation email. In this instance, a refund will not be issued, and if you choose to cancel the below cancellation terms apply.

Cancellations, Refund and Exchange Requests

  1. For cancellation requests received by us more than 1 month prior to the tour/event we will provide a refund of the amount you have paid, less an administrative fee of no more than £20.00 per ticket.
  2. Requests to change the date/time of your tour, received by us more than 1 month prior to the tour/event, are subject to an administrative fee of up to £50.
  3. Cancellation or exchange requests received by us at less than 1 month prior to the tour/event date are subject to a fee of 100% of the total cost of the booking.

Gin Tasting Masterclasses

These events are produced in partnership with Bath Botanical Gin Distillery & Herbal Apothecary (Bath Botanics). Events are advertised to take place on sporadic date and not on a predefined schedule. Each event will take place only for a minimum of 6 participants.


  1. Payment card details will be requested when you book your tickets but payment will not be taken. Your card details are held securely by our payment provider (Stripe Inc.) but are not accessible to us.
  2. If the threshold of 6 tickets are not sold by 3 days prior to the event, we will contact you to confirm that the event will not proceed and we will cancel your booking. Payment will not be taken in these circumstances.
  3. If the minimum threshold of 6 tickets are booked by 3 days prior to the event, we will process your payment via our payment provider and send you an updated booking confirmation to show the payment has been taken.

Cancellations, Refund and Exchange Requests

  1. If you wish to cancel your booking anytime up to 3 days prior to the event, please contact us by emailing to request cancellation. We will cancel your booking without charge and confirm this back to you.
  2. Cancellations, refunds or exchanges are not available within 3 days prior to your booked event. However, we may be able to resell your tickets – please contact us by emailing to inform us you wish to cancel and we will reply with details of any resale opportunities. If resale is available we will refund your tickets but this is not guaranteed, and if your tickets do not resale we will not provide a refund.

Private Gin Tasting Masterclasses

These events are subject to all of the same terms & conditions for “Private Tours & Events” as described above.

Special Events

  • All special events are subject to the same booking terms described in this document, unless otherwise specified during the booking process and/or your confirmation email.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available for purchase through our website.

  1. Each voucher has a value which can be selected by you in multiples of £5, from £20 (min.) to £520 (max.)
  2. All gift vouchers purchased from 24/08/21 onwards have no expiry date and are redeemable against tickets for any of our tours, subject to availability at the point of redemption.
  3. If you wish to redeem vouchers against private tours, please complete the enquiry the form on the private tours page of our website.
  4. All vouchers can only be redeemed against an advance booking using the redemption facility on our website and cannot be exchanged in person.
  5. If you lose your vouchers please contact us immediately from the email address originally used to book the vouchers so that we can verify your identity, cancel the vouchers and issue a replacement.
  6. Vouchers are non-refundable and are not exchangeable for a cash alternative.

The following terms apply to all tour participants regardless of where you purchased your tickets.

Code of Conduct and Liability:

  1. We are not responsible for the loss or damage of any personal items, or personal injury incurred while participating in a tour.
  2. All persons attending our tours/events are required to behave in a respectful manner towards each other, and towards our staff and suppliers.
  3. The lead customer named on any booking, is responsible for the behaviour of all participants for whom they have booked, during their time with us.
  4. If anyone joining the tour/event appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or if your behavior is deemed inappropriate at any point by our staff or suppliers, we reserve the right to terminate or refuse your participation in the tour or event, without refund.
  5. We are not responsible for any damage done to our suppliers, their property, or any injury incurred as a result of your behavior. Should you be responsible for loss, damage or injury while attending one of our tours, you are liable for any charges due to the supplier directly.

Health & Safety, and Special Dietary Requirements:

Weather Conditions:

  • Our tours take place regardless of weather conditions and if you choose to cancel due to inclement weather, your booking is subject to the relevant cancellation terms detailed in this document or on our website.
  • On the very rare occasions we cancel a tour due to severe weather conditions, we will contact you as soon as a decision regarding cancellation is made, to offer a refund equivalent to the remaining portion of your tour, or the equivalent in gift vouchers.

Age Restrictions:

  • Babies, toddlers and children under 8 years old are not permitted on our scheduled tours under any circumstances but may be permitted on privately booked tours though only by prior arrangement.
  • Participants on any tour aged between 8 and 18, must be accompanied by a responsible adult at a minimum ratio of 1 adult to 2 children, and must hold a valid ticket purchased at the standard price for the tour.

Children aged under 8 years on privately booked tours:

  • We are happy to accommodate children under the age of 8, free of charge, on private tours only.
  • Samples will not be included for children aged under 8 though they will be included in the total head count in respect our the capacity for your tour.
  • In these circumstances, we will only include samples for your child if you purchase a standard priced ticket for them.
  • If you are bringing a child under the age of 8 on a private tour you must inform us, regardless of whether you purchase a ticket for them.
  • Strollers/pushchairs and/or prams are not permitted on our tours without prior arrangement, due to space limitations at many of our suppliers.

Online Events & Virtual Tours:

  • It is your responsibility to check your system & hardware requirements and that all are functioning appropriately and are capable of accessing the online meeting platform, so that you can join the tour at the time it is delivered.
  • We will provide the details on how to access the relevant meeting platform in advance by email, either in your booking confirmation or no less than 48 hours prior to the advertised start time of your tour/event.
  • We will not accept responsibility for any losses or provide any refund if you are not able to attend or miss the event/tour, due to you not having checked that your system and hardware are suitable to access our meeting platform in advance of the event, or due to any other technical fault not of our making.
  • Bookings for all events & tours delivered online are subject to the same booking terms for Scheduled Tours described above, and all other terms described in this document.

Alcohol included in your tour:

  • Alcoholic beverages included in any tour or event will only be offered by our suppliers if you are of legal drinking age (i.e., 18+ years old);
  • Proof of your age may be required if you look under the age of 25.
  • If alcohol is included or likely to be included in your tour, this will be detailed in the tour description on our website.
  • If you are not able to consume alcohol, we offer no alternative, compensation or refund, in cases where this has been included in the tour.

Pets and Assistance Animals:

  • We are not able to accommodate pets on our scheduled tours under any circumstances.
  • With prior arrangement we may be able to accommodate pets on private tours.  If you wish to bring your pet on a private tour, please contact us before completing your booking so we can advise.
  • We are happy to accommodate assistance animals on our tours with advance notice so we can be certain all venues can accommodate your needs.

Tours provided in a language other than English (with the exception of any sign languages):

  • All our scheduled tours are delivered in English and all participants must have a reasonable understanding of English in order to participate.
  • Interpreters/translators are not permitted to provide any form of interpretation service on scheduled tours, with the exception of sign language interpretation.
  • Any participant arriving on a tour who does not have a reasonable command of the English language and no access to interpretation, may participate only at the guide’s discretion and is solely responsible for any risks resulting from not being able to understand instructions provided by our guide or suppliers.
  • If you require a tour to be delivered in a language other than English, we may be able to accommodate this on a private tour. Please specify this in your booking request so that we can include details in our quote to you.
  • Private tours delivered in foreign languages incur a supplementary fee (details on request) when:
    • our guide delivers a private tour in a foreign language.
    • our guide delivers a private tour in English but works with an interpreter/translator provided by you (with the exception of sign languages)

Latecomers Policy:

  • Arriving late for your tour reduces the value of your experience with us and can negatively impact the experience of other guests.
  • Please aim to arrive at the advertised meeting point for your tour/event 5-10 minutes in advance of the start time shown on your booking confirmation and event reminder.
  • If you arrive later than the advertised start time of your tour, you may miss supplier visits and samples for which we offer no alternative or refund.
  • Please email/call us if you know you are going to be late. We do not have a full-time staff so our office and email account are not monitored constantly, and you may not receive a reply to your message. We will endeavour to monitor communications more closely if you do not show up at the advertised start time of the tour but we do not guarantee to respond.
  • Our guide will try to contact you if you are not present at the advised meeting location/start time.
  • For scheduled tours:
    • Our guide will only wait up to 30 mins after the advertised start time if there are no other guests participating in the tour before assuming you will not be joining the tour.
    • If there are other participants present at the advertised time & location, the tour will start on time. Latecomers will then only be permitted to join the tour at the guide’s discretion, provided late joining does not negatively impact the enjoyment of the tour by those clients who arrived on time.
  • For private tours:
    • If all participants are not present at the advised time and location, our guide will try to contact you. If they are not able to reach you they will wait a maximum of 30 mins before assuming you will not be joining your tour.
    • If there is 1 or more people present at the meeting time & location, but others are not, our guide will discuss with the Group Coordinator and/or the person/people present as to how they would like to proceed. They will however not commence the tour any later than 30 mins after the agreed start time, and any supplier visits which were due during this time will be forfeit with no refund.
  • Our cancellation terms above apply to tours which do not operate due to lateness of guests.
  • We take no responsibility for any effects resulting from you or members of your group missing any visit(s) and/or any information provided at the start of the tour including health & safety information, due to lateness.
  • Our tour guide may not arrive at the meeting point until the start time shown on your booking confirmation and event reminder.

Data Protection & Photography:

  • All personal data shall be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
  • Photographs and video footage may be taken during our tours for promotional or editorial purposes.  These images may be used in online or printed matter.
  • We will always ask you before taking any images (photo, or video) in which your image may be included, to give you the chance to avoid being recorded.
  • If you do not want images of you, and/or your clients or group to be used by us, we respect this and will not do so as long as you tell us when we ask you.
  • If you give us consent to use your image we may do so on our website, social media channels, and/or printed matter.
  • If you subsequently decide that you no longer wish us to use your image in this or any other way, please let us know immediately by emailing and we will endeavour to remove your image as soon as is reasonably possible.  However, as the image(s) will have previously been in the public domain, we take no responsibility for anyone who may have copied or used it/them elsewhere without our permission.


  • Should you have a complaint about any aspect of the service provided by us or by our suppliers, please speak to the guide on your tour who will do their best to rectify the problem.
  • If we are not able to resolve your complaint at the time, or if you prefer not to discuss the issue with your guide, please email us at or call the phone number shown on your booking confirmation, as soon as possible. We will always respond to you within 48 hours.