About Savouring Bath

Culinary sampling tours for food & drink lovers with a broad palette and a culinary sense of adventure!

Since 2016 we have provided a range of walking tours...

…which combine a classic look at the famed history & surroundings of the UNESCO World Heritage City of Bath, with visits to the city’s independent food & drink businesses to sample their traditional and modern, hand-crafted produce.  If you’re a food & drink lover wanting to experience the best of Bath’s famed history and heritage, and you want to eat & drink like a local, our tours are the perfect way to combine the two-experiences-in-one during your visit to one of the UK’s most beautiful cities!

Our Tour Guides!

Each Savouring Bath tour is lead by a member of our friendly team of guides. All are fully insured, trained and qualified in various ways to reflect the highest quality in culinary tourism.  We all live in Bath and when not guiding, many of us work in the city’s hospitality industry.

Bath’s Food & Drink Heritage

Bath is a hotspot for creative individuals in the culinary industry, looking to showcase new or unusual food & drink products, and arguably always has been!

2000 years ago the Romans arrived here and made extensive use of the UK’s only thermal springs where the city now stands.  However, they served visitors unusual commodities we wouldn’t dream of eating today such as flamingo tongue, and dormouse!  Today you’re more likely to get handcrafted fudge, award-winning gelato, artisanal baked goods, or world champion cheeses… which all seem rather more pleasant than the Roman-era offerings!

In the 18th century the healing powers of the hot, mineral water springs built Bath’s reputation as thousands flocked to drink and bathe in the spa water during their prescribed period of convalescence.  The city became a fashionable spa resort, and we rose to the challenge to provide interesting food & drink to enhance the entertainments, and the trend to do so has never stopped!  The spa water still attracts visitors, but more pleasant to drink today are the craft beers, small-batch gins, orthodox teas, and speciality coffees from the city’s modern artisans.

Artisanal Food & Drink Tours

What We Do

Today Bath and the surrounding area is home to some of the best artisanal food & drink production and retail outlets in the UK.  Savouring Bath work with around 40 of these independent businesses to showcase the best of the city’s highly varied culinary offerings.  Each of our 3-hour tours visit ~8 different businesses with a tasty sample included at each stop, equating in total to a meal.  Tours are all uniquely themed, with each itinerary visiting different suppliers so you can take more than one tour during your time in Bath, or have an entirely different experience when you visit next time!

Choose from historically biased tours such as Food Heroes or indulge with Guilty Pleasures.  Connect with agricultural producers on Local Flavours or take a mystery-tour with Culinary Comforts.  You can even task us to create a bespoke itinerary just for you by taking a private tour!