Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers for our food & drinks tours of Bath make a great present for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, or just to say 'thank you'!  They're also great as a special treat for business clients, or as a prize for a special event.
Local Flavours gift vouchers
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Gift vouchers for our scheduled food & drink tours

Savouring Bath gift vouchers offer the opportunity to gift places on our food & drink sampling tours.  Voucher recipients are directed to our website where they can select their choice of tour and date.  They can then use their voucher(s) to book their tour with us!

Each gift voucher:
  • Includes a personal message from you to your recipient;
  • Is delivered to you in electronic format for you to print or send by email as you prefer, OR can be emailed directly your recipient;
  • Can be redeemed any time within 1 year of purchase*;
  • Can only be redeemed against an advance booking and not in person;
We offer 2 different types of voucher:

Choose from:

  • £You Choose Gift Voucher: Choose the value of your gift voucher. This voucher can be redeemed as full or part payment for 1 or more tickets on any tour.
  • Tour Ticket Gift Voucher: These vouchers cover the value of 1 ticket for any of our 3-hour, scheduled tours. Remember, our tours only operate with a minimum of 2 people. So you’ll need to purchase more than 1 ‘Tour Ticket’ vouchers if you wish to gift more than 1 ticket.
E-Voucher information:
  • We will email a confirmation & receipt to you on completion of your purchase with your e-voucher(s) attached.  Then you can print your voucher(s), or simply email them to your recipient.
  • Prefer us to email the voucher to your recipient?  When you make your purchase, just provide us with their email address.  That way we’ll automatically send the e-voucher directly to them, making it easier for you!
  • If you purchase a ‘Tour Ticket Voucher‘, the price will not appear on the e-voucher.
  • For ‘£You Choose‘ vouchers, the total value you have chosen will be displayed on the e-voucher.
  • Full redemption instructions are included on every voucher.
  • When you purchase your e-vouchers, we’ll ask you to provide a personal message from you to the recipient.
  • Vouchers not redeemed within 1 year from the date of purchase are no longer valid for redemption or refund*.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, if you need help purchasing a gift voucher.  You can reach us on +44 (0) 1225 425843 or by email at

Private food tours of Bath tea gift vouchers

*COVID-19: Do you have gift vouchers which were valid & unused on 14th March 2020?  We’ve extended the validity of these vouchers to 31st December 2021!  You can also now use them to take our “Culinary Comforts” tour, and any other tour in our weekly schedule.