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The Savouring Bath News page & Blog offers an insight into the tours we provide and information on some of Bath’s independent culinary businesses.  There are updates and interviews from our culinary artisans in our Supplier Focus series, and ideas for spending time in the city in our Itinerary Ideas posts.  You can also read about our culinary heritage old & new in Facts & Figures or find out all the latest in Savouring Bath News posts.

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The fact & fiction surrounding Bath’s most famous asset!
The fact & fiction surrounding Bath’s most famous asset! 1024 1024

Is it heated by volcanic activity?  Does it heal wounds and illness?  Are they the only hot springs in the UK? Bath’s thermal water springs have been a source of myth and legend for over 2000 years but let’s bust some of the popular myths surrounding them! “Bath’s thermal springs are the only springs of their kind in the UK!” The Cross Bath Firstly, the definition of a ‘natural, thermal…

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#EscapeTheEveryday 1024 1022

In September we welcomed Shu Lin from London along with her friend Hannah from Brighton on our “Culinary Comforts” tour while they were spending time in Bath and Bristol to on behalf of Visit Britain to promote their #EscapeTheEveryday campaign (you might have seen the ads for it on TV!). Shu is a social media influencer and not only has a wonderful Instagram account (follow her at @dejashuu) but is…

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Great places in Bath for great wine
Great places in Bath for great wine 1024 396

As a city which was a major social destination in the 18th century, it’s hardly surprising that the trading of wine and its consumption has consistently been part of our culture for some time… in fact, the Romans first settled this area 2000 years ago and brought the idea of winemaking with them.  Our green & pleasant land today boasts far more wineries than it did then and Bath has…

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Self-guided tour of Bath’s parks & culinary outlets
Self-guided tour of Bath’s parks & culinary outlets 1024 768

Two of the things I love the most about Bath are the city’s green spaces and artisan produce from independent businesses. So I decided to create an itinerary for a self-guided walking tour around the city taking in some of the best parks and gardens along with a selection of food & drink suggestions from some lovely artisan businesses! Click on the below tabs with the times to find your…

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Charles Gill
Charles Gill 1024 640

A 5 min excerpt from one of our tours!… about a little known C18th character who influenced Bath’s culinary history and became something of a local celebrity during his time.

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