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In September we welcomed Shu Lin from London along with her friend Hannah from Brighton on our “Culinary Comforts” tour while they were spending time in Bath and Bristol to on behalf of Visit Britain to promote their #EscapeTheEveryday campaign (you might have seen the ads for it on TV!).

Shu is a social media influencer and not only has a wonderful Instagram account (follow her at @dejashuu) but is also just a really lovely and enthusiastic person who was an absolute joy for us to connect with.  Her social media feeds focus on subjects she’s passionate about and her approach is very personal and (IMHO) unique.  She posts about food, travel, jewellery, and most importantly about social issues… it’s a nice mix of escapism to give us something to dream about, and realism to encourage us to engage in making the world a better place.  She has a very honest approach and we think she deserves success so we were really happy to welcome Shu and Hannah during their trip.

Visit Britain’s #EscapeTheEveryday campaign is a domestic marketing campaign promoting the best of the UK at a time when we’re limited with options for overseas breaks.  We’re welcoming lots of visitors on our tours who are saying “we’d booked a holiday overseas but couldn’t go due to travel restrictions so we came here instead!“… we had mixed feelings about that at first (!), but the more we’ve welcomed British visitors on our tours, the more rewarding it’s been to see people impressed with what we have on our own doorstep.

So #EscapeTheEveryday and check out the posts and stories from Shu’s social media feeds about her time on our tour, and also the video she made for Visit Britain which we wanted to share on our site… so here it is!… enjoy!

Thanks to @dejashuu for the header pic📷 & video📹!

Lockdown update!
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Our first vlog post!… an update on what’s been happening at Savouring Bath since lockdown began.  We’re planning more posts soon, and we also have a virtual tour in development which you’ll be able to purchase and watch live online from Savouring Bath HQ and we’re hoping to offer the option for you to include samples from our suppliers which will be delivered to you in advance!… plus there’ll be posts which focus on some of Bath’s independent culinary businesses and information about great places for great artisanal food & drink available now, and to visit after lockdown!… keep watching and supporting independent businesses in Bath.

Savouring Bath - Lockdown update!