City to Countryside: Bath Skyline mini-tour

Bath is closely connected to and influenced by the countryside which surrounds the city. Which is hardly surprising when you see how close it is in our latest mini-tour!

City to Countryside: Bath Skyline Mini-Tour

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Bath’s blend of ‘town & country’ is one of the city’s greatest assets

In the final of our current series of mini-tours we’re leaving behind the city centre for the Bath Skyline. When I first moved here in 2010, I was completely enamoured by the closeness of the city to the countryside. I love how quickly you can get from the centre of the city, to a place with a feeling that you could be a hundred miles from anywhere.

The Bath Skyline is a green belt around the south east side of the city, which is largely land managed by the National Trust. You can find the full walking route on their website, with short and long options. Over my first few years of living in the city, I walked the full Skyline route 3 times every week. Watching the scenery change over this period made Bath feel so special. It’s one of the many reasons why I fell in love with the city and why I chose to stay.

Our mini-tour shares the short walk between the city centre and Bathwick Meadows. You’ll see how easy it is to reach, and why the shallow climb is worthwhile! The views over the city from here accentuate the city’s place at the heart of the Avon valley. There are also great views of the rolling hills of The Cotswolds which surround Bath on 3 sides of the city.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our mini-tours during the UK’s early 2021 lockdown period. We’ve loved making and sharing them with you and really appreciate the many lovely comments we’ve received. We’ll be producing more video content soon, so keep watching for more inspiration to visit one of Englands greatest cities.

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