Private Tour & Event Booking

Use this page to access our secure online portal to complete your booking for any private tour or event you have planned with us.
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Private Tours & Events

Private Culinary Sampling Tours | Private Gin Tasting Masterclasses

In order to book your private tour or event with us, you will need the following information:

  • The password for your time-slot which was provided in our email to you (if applicable).
  • Your contact and payment details (email address, phone no, & debit/credit card details).

If you are booking a Private Culinary Sampling Tour you will also need:

  • *The names and any special dietary information for the attendees/participants for whom you are booking.
  • *Details of any other preferences you’d like us to consider for your tour (e.g. likes/dislikes).
  • Consideration of inclusion of any Celebration Packages (gifts for 1 or more participants provided by suppliers during your tour.

* you can provide provisional answers to these 2 questions if you wish, updating us by a minimum of 1 month prior to your tour. We may not be able to accommodate dietary requests notified later than this.

You may also wish to have considered detail of any accessibility requirements – please contact us with any relevant details, prior to completing your booking to ensure we can accommodate your needs.

Click the Book Now button when you are ready to proceed.