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Booking tickets for your clients

You will need:

  • Our ‘BH’ account number & the username & password we provided to you;
  • The date your client wishes to take a tour;
  • Total number of people taking the tour (min. 2/max. 8);
  • The tour type (scheduled or private – see below);
  • The names of all attendees and their respective Special Dietary Requirements (see below);
  • A reference number (i.e. so you can trace the booking in your records when we invoice you);
  • An email address for the booking confirmation*;

* If your privacy policy prevents you providing us with the clients email address, please use your own email address and forward the confirmation to the client on receipt. Booking confirmations are automatically generated and sent immediately on completion of each booking.


  • These tours are available on a free-sale basis, though are not available to purchase within 2 days prior to the tour;
  • You can confirm which tours are running on the date your client requires, by checking the calendar on our Tour Schedule page;
  • Before confirming with your client please click ‘Book Now‘ to log in to your account with us and use the calendar facility to check availability – please do not guarantee availability before checking;
  • These tours are on sale to the general public so your clients may be accompanied by other tour participants (max 8 in a group);
  • Some scheduled tour itineraries are unable to cater for certain dietary requirements. Please check the detail in the tour description on our website for the tour your client requires;
  • Meet & greet:
    • Scheduled tours: Meet & greet can be arranged for scheduled tours on request, but is not always guaranteed. Please contact us if you would like to arrange meet and greet for your clients. N.B. the meet & greet location must be in central Bath, and the meet & greet time will be ~30-45 mins prior to the advertised start time of the tour.
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Local Flavours


  • These tours are not available on a free-sale basis and should only be booked if you have contacted us to confirm availability;
  • These tours can only be booked with a minimum of 2 weeks notice;
  • Meet & greet:
    • Private tours: Meet and greet can be included from a location in central Bath. The meet & greet address must be provided to us by a minimum of 1 week prior to the tour. Vehicle transportation is not included in the tour unless arranged with us by 1 week in advance. We will advise you separately as to what time prior to the tour, at which the guide will meet the clients at their accommodation (normally ~30-45 mins prior to the time the tour would begin if there were no meet & greet).
Special Dietary Requirements (‘SDRs’)

We take SDRs very seriously and will always ensure that clients have access to information regarding sample ingredients, provided that they ask for this information during the tour.
We define SDRs as:

    • “Ingredients in food or drink which you cannot consume due to allergies or health-affecting intolerances”; OR
    • “ingredients you choose not consume for ethical reasons”;

SDRs DO NOT define:

    • Food, drink, or any ingredients you ‘like’ or ‘dislike’;

Please be diligent when discussing the difference between ‘preferences’ and ‘special dietary requirements’ with your client. We assume all SDR information you provide, describes consumable product which presents a genuine and potentially serious health issue to the client, whereas ‘preferences’ describes something they’d like to have included, or would prefer to avoid.

At the start of each tour, the guide will make a short statement to all tour participants about how we handle SDRs and what we need from clients in order that everyone can enjoy the tour safely.

Terms & Conditions

You will only be able to complete a booking by ticking the boxes to agree to our Booking Terms and Special Dietary Requirements Policy. Our terms are dependent on any amendments we have agreed with you, but it is your responsibility to ensure the client is aware of our Special Dietary Requirements policy (a link to both documents is included in the booking confirmation email).


If you have an account with us, we will invoice you for payment as per our agreed terms. If you do not have an account with us, credit or debit card payment may be made at the end of the booking process.