Foodie Frenzy Enquiries

Foodie Frenzy Enquiries

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    1) What is your name (first/last)?

    2) Please provide a phone number AND email address we can use to contact you
    (these will only be used by us, and will not be used for marketing purposes).

    Your Event

    3) How many people do you anticipate will be in your group? (min. 10 required)

    4) What date(s) would you like to book “Foodie Frenzy” for your group? (required)

    5) Do you prefer a morning or afternoon event? Choose your preferred start time from those available. (required)

    Your Activities

    6) Please select your preference(s) for your interactive activity during the game intermission:

    1st choice - required)

    2nd choice)

    3rd choice)

    4th choice)

    7) Please provide a rough idea of any dietary restrictions you are aware of from your group (we’ll ask for more detail on this later, so just a vague idea is fine, or put ‘none’).

    8) Please provide further information about your event to help us in our planning and the advice we can provide you? (e.g. hen party, corporate event, family birthday etc.; name of bride/person celebrating their birthday etc.; where is everyone from; what else do you have planned in Bath?)