Food Heroes: Virtual Tour!

Take our Virtual Food Heroes tour either allowing us to come to you or by joining us live online. With lowdown on Bath's culinary heritage & the personalities who make our city a feature on the food & drink map of the UK.

Food Heroes – Virtual Tour

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Tour Duration : ~1 hour (or ~1 hr 30 mins when you include a sample hamper)

Ticket Price (online or in-person) : £85 per tour (for up to 100 participants)

All profits from this tour will be donated to charity.

Schedule : This tour is available on request. Please complete our booking request form and we’ll confirm your tour within 12-24 hrs.

Availability : Bookable up to 2 days before the requested date/time for your tour.

Enjoy a fun jaunt through Bath’s food and drink heritage, on this culinary virtual tour!

Our virtual tour is a version of our popular Food Heroes tour. Available in-person for groups (we’ll come to you!) or live via the Zoom online meeting platform by one of our expert tour guides. Whichever way you choose to take our virtual tour, you’ll have the chance to interact and ask questions.

You’ll get to hear fun stories of some of Bath’s historical food & drink influencers, and culinary curiosities, some of which are still available today. These include Sally Lunn and Dr William Oliver, along with other famous, culinary personalities of their time. We also include video detailing the work of a local producer, and even music relevant to some of Bath’s heritage food products.

Also included is a showcase of some of the popular locals, who are driving Bath’s culinary culture today. Plus, there’s recommendations on some of the city’s best places for great drinking and dining.

Taking our virtual tour is a unique way to enjoy Bath’s culinary scene without being present in the city. It’s a fun way to prepare for a visit, and learn more about this curious part of Bath’s heritage. For in-person virtual tours you can even opt to include samples of some of the food & drink we’ll talk about during the tour!

For more information, scroll down to read our FAQ!

Included in your virtual tour:
  • A comprehensive, easily accessible and fun presentation about Bath’s Food Heroes;
  • Highlights of Bath’s culinary history and heritage, and a focus on the city’s modern food & drink champions;
  • The option to purchase a food & drink samples to be consumed during the tour;
  • The option to have as many people as you like watching the tour at no extra cost;
  • The opportunity to ask questions throughout the tour, and to interact when tasting samples;
  • A comprehensive handout with dining, drinking & shopping suggestions for you to use when you visit Bath;
  • A Savouring Bath map of the city highlighting some of our suppliers so you know where to go when you next visit Bath!

Optional Samples

In conjunction with the Thoughtful Bakery, we have produced a series of samples to accompany your virtual tour if you opt to take the tour in-person (i.e. we come to you!).  You can add this as an optional extra during the booking process.

Price – on application (varies depending on total of participants)

Sample information:
  • We’ll include at least 4 different samples of food & drink reflecting Bath’s culinary heritage to be consumed during the tour.
  • We’ll provide samples for the amount of people who are joining the tour and wish to consume samples (it doesn’t have to be for everyone).
  • Some preparation is required of the samples and we need some time for this before the tour and some basic facilities which we’ll discuss with you following your enquiry.
  • Samples may include:
    • Sweet buns which are a heritage product made in Bath for over 200 years;
    • Locally produced cheese made in Bath originally in the 18th century;
    • Locally produced bean-to-bar chocolate;
    • Unusual tea from a unique and fascinating tea merchant;
    • plus others subject to availability.
  • Detailed information regarding special dietary needs is available on request.
  • By consuming the samples as part of the tour, participants get to understand how they fit into Bath’s culinary heritage.  You’ll also learn about preparation and tasting techniques.

Frequently asked questions about our virtual tour

A device to connect with:

You’ll need either a desktop, or laptop computer, or a tablet device, and a stable internet connection.  Ideally, your device should also have a microphone and webcam so you can interact with your Tour Guide.  If you don’t have a webcam you won’t lose out.  But interaction can be awkward without a microphone.

We’ll send you the link to join the tour via Zoom

You can connect to the meeting just by clicking the link .  You don’t need to have your own Zoom account.

Joining the tour from a device with a large screen works best

Joining the tour using an internet TV is the best.  But joining from a laptop, desktop, or tablet can work just as well.  We don’t recommend joining us via a smartphone.  Smaller screens mean you’ll miss out on some of the detail.  As long as everyone joining the tour can see the screen clearly, nobody will miss anything.

You can request your tour to take place on any date and at any time to suit you.

This tour is available on request only and can be booked up to 2 days in advance for online tours. However, if you would like us to provide the tour in-person at your venue, we may need more notice.

Please complete our booking form and we’ll get back to you within 12-48 hours to confirm your tour.  You can select a time that works for you and if we’re not available at that time, we’ll discuss this with you to find a time you’re happy with.

We’ve provided lots of talks and virtual tours in the past for many different kinds of groups

These have included workplace networking events, Women’s Institutes, and lunch clubs.  Our virtual tour is a great option for these contexts.  They also work well for anyone who’s planning a trip to Bath either as a group, a family, or individually.

If you’re in the UK, travel costs permitting, we can come to your venue to provide the virtual tour.  Alternatively, you can join us virtually via Zoom from your own venue anywhere in the world, with your own equipment.  You’ll need a stable internet connection, and a large enough screen for everyone to see.  A microphone is also helpful so that participants can ask questions.

Whether we join you virtually or in person, we can even provide samples for everyone to taste during the tour!  Your venue needs to be within a reasonable distance from Bath for us to reach within a maximum of 2 hours, and we’ll need to ask you about the set up of the space so we can provide the best experience to your group.

Get in touch with the details of your request, and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

We’re rarely available at short notice

Sadly, our tours are not available with less than 2 days notice.  In-person virtual tours may require more than 2-days notice depending on our availability.

No – they’re not entirely necessary

The tour can still be fun without the samples.  However, including samples adds more fun and a stronger connection with what we’ll cover.  With samples included, we’ll also cover some preparation and tasting techniques.

Samples included are not appropriate for anyone who cannot each gluten/wheat or dairy product

Otherwise, there’s nothing we include which is weird, or likely to put you off.  If you’re picky, or have specific products you particularly dislike, the samples are likely not going to give you the best value.

All our tours are best suited to people who have a broad palette and an adventurous culinary spirit!

We courteously ask that you do not record any part of our tour at any time

Creating our tours involves a huge amount of time, energy, and financial cost.  Recording the tour would reduce the value of the efforts we’ve taken to create this experience.

For further information please refer to our full Terms & Conditions.