Food Heroes: Virtual Tour!

Take our Food Heroes tour without leaving home, by joining us live online! There's lowdown on Bath's culinary heritage & the personalities who make our city a permanent feature on the food & drink map of the UK!

Food Heroes – Virtual Tour

flavours of bath

Tour Duration – approx 1-1.5 hours (various start times) | Price – £25 (UP TO 31st JULY 2020 ONLY)

SPECIAL OFFERSEach purchase for this tour includes a discount valid for £10 off per person on tickets for any of our scheduled tours for up to 12 months!  If you opt to include a sample box, we also offer free delivery (i.e. £15 off) to addresses with a BA1 or BA2 postcode – see below for details.

Scheduled tour times (UP TO 31st JULY 2020 ONLY):

  • Monday – 10:30am; 1:30pm; 3:30pm; 7:30pm
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – 1:30pm; 3:30pm; 7:30pm
  • Saturday – 1:30pm; 3:30pm

This tour is also available on request at other times – ‘contact us’ to request a date/time that works best for you!

This jaunt through Bath’s culinary heritage is a chance to enjoy a Savouring Bath tour from the comfort of your own home, and a fun way to get to grips with the city’s food & drink culture along with some of the finer detail about a selection of Bath’s food heroes!

We’ll reveal the lowdown on some of the city’s 18th century personalities who shaped the food industry at a time when it was an integral part of Bath’s burgeoning social development.  One of the city’s most famous personalities, Sally Lunn is given a spotlight, as is Dr William Oliver, but we’ll also look at historical foods from Bath, some of which are still available in the city today.  There’s also a showcase of some of the figures in Bath’s modern culinary culture, who are shaping the city’s food & drink scene, and championing their corner of the culinary industry.

As with all of our tours, this online version of our regular and much-loved Food Heroes tour, is delivered live by one of our expert guides, and in small groups so you have the opportunity to chat and ask questions.  It is a unique way to enjoy Bath’s culinary scene without actually being present in the city, either to prepare for a visit, or just as a fun way to learn a bit more about this curious part of the city’s heritage… there’s even a chance for you to sample some of the food & drink we’ll talk about during the tour!

For more information, scroll down to read our FAQ!

Included in this tour:
  • Access to an online meeting so you can enjoy the tour from home! (best viewed on a laptop/desktop or tablet device);
  • Highlights of Bath’s culinary history and heritage, and a focus on the city’s modern food & drink champions;
  • The option to purchase a food & drink hamper with samples to be consumed during the tour;
  • The option to have as many people as you like watching the tour on 1 screen;
  • A maximum of 8 log-ins permitted for each presentation to encourage an enjoyable social environment;
  • The opportunity to ask questions throughout the presentation via a chat facility;
  • A comprehensive handout with dining, drinking & shopping suggestions for you to use when you visit Bath;
  • A Savouring Bath map of the city highlighting some of our suppliers so you know where to go during your visit;

If the date you require for a tour is not available, click here to let us know your requirements!

Optional Sample Box

In conjunction with our friends at Taste of Bath and the Thoughtful Bakery, you can opt to purchase a box of samples to accompany your tour.  Simply select how many sample boxes you would like to add when making your booking.

Price – £50 per hamper

  • Includes 4 different samples of food & drink reflecting Bath’s culinary heritage to be consumed during the tour;
  • Each sample is enough for approximately 8 people (if you are taking the tour with less than 8 participants, the remaining samples will keep for you to consume within a few days);
  • Full detail of the samples are only revealed after your purchase, but to give you an idea, each box includes at least:
    • 4 x sweet buns (with decoration, for self-assembly during the tour);
    • 250g cheese (suitably packaged to encourage longevity);
    • a sample pack of loose tea leaf with strainer;
  • A small amount of preparation in advance of the tour is required – full instructions are provided in the hamper;
  • By consuming the samples during the tour, you will get to understand how they fit into Bath’s culinary heritage, and you’ll also learn about preparation and tasting techniques;
  • Due to production & despatch limitations, sample boxes are only available for tours taking place on Thursdays, Fridays, or Saturdays, and only for despatch to UK mainland addresses (scheduled to arrive within ~24 hours prior to your tour); we can also only produce them with a minimum of 6 days notice;
  • SPECIAL OFFER: FREE DELIVERY of hampers to addresses with BA1 or BA2 postcodes! Select your hamper during the booking process and use promo code BA1-BA2 on the basket page, ensuring you provide a valid address when requested, and your total price will be discounted by £15!

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll need either a desktop, or laptop computer, or a tablet device, and a stable internet connection.

We’ll send you the link to our meeting platform (normally Zoom) for which you won’t need to have your own account, as you’ll just connect to the meeting by clicking the link.  If you can connect to our meeting using your TV then all the better!… but connecting by using your phone will mean you won’t get the best from it as the screen is too small.  Just make sure that however many of you are going to be watching, can all see the screen clearly.

Yes!… just email us at and we’ll add a time slot to our booking system at a mutually agreeable time.

Don’t forget that our tours are available to the general public so any time slot we add for you is also available for others to join.  If you prefer to have a private tour then please just get in touch at the above email address and we’ll provide a quote for you

Our tours take some advance planning in order that we can commit to delivering them at a time which works for you, so we need a reasonable amount of notice for any booking.  Sample boxes are booked on a 48 hour despatch period so they reach you before your tour starts, and they take some time to prepare before they are sent out, so sadly our booking period is currently set to a minimum of 6 days prior to any tour.  We hope to reduce this eventually, but for now we’d be grateful if you could book your tour with a minimum of 6 days advance planning.

However, if you’re happy to take this tour without purchasing the accompanying samples, we can accommodate you with only 2 days notice.

No… they’re not entirely necessary, but they will make the tour more fun as you’ll be sampling 4 of the products you’ll hear about during the tour, and we’ll also include some preparation and tasting techniques so you get to learn a bit more if you do have the samples.  Nonetheless, the tour can be enjoyed without the samples if you prefer.

Unfortunately, it costs just as much for us to prepare and despatch a box of samples for 2 people as it does for 8 so our boxes include samples for up 8 people (although at least 2 of the samples will actually go further than 8!).  However, if there are less than 8 participating in the tour, don’t forget that your tasty samples will keep for longer so you don’t have to consume everything as part of the tour.

During a Savouring Bath tour we never reveal the detail of what you’re going to be sampling in advance… this is because the feedback we’ve had in the past has told us that the element of surprise is one of the elements which makes our tour so fun!  So we’ve duplicated this with our virtual tour.  Nonetheless, you can find a rough idea of what’s included in the list above.

Samples included in the sample box for this tour are not appropriate for anyone who cannot each gluten/wheat or dairy product.  Otherwise, there’s nothing in there which is weird, or likely to put you off, unless you’re picky or have any food or drink which you have a particular dislike to… in which case, the samples are likely not going to give you the best value anyway.

We always recommend that our sampling tours work best for those people who have a broad palette and an adventurous culinary spirit!

Creating our tours involves a huge amount of work and financial cost so we courteously ask that you do not record any part of our tour at any time, without prior, written permission from us.  Doing so reduces the value of the extensive work we’ve taken to create this for you and risks the longevity of our business.

Supplementary Booking Terms for this tour:

*Preview Price: The price currently shown is available for an indefinite preview period only.  This will price will increase after our previews are over which will be on a date we advertise with a maximum of 1 weeks notice.  However, anyone with an active booking at that time, will not be charged the difference to the new price.  Purchasing this tour at the preview price does not mean that the tour will have less content, but that the delivery of the presentation may not be as finely ‘polished’ as we’d like it to be in the long term.  Preview tours are an opportunity for us to deliver our tours at a lower price over a short time period, which we use to fine-tune and adapt the tour in response to your feedback.

Admission to the tour: Please note that 1 purchase reflects access to the tour via 1 device (i.e. laptop/desktop/tablet):

  • In the interests of online privacy and safety, please ensure you that the name you use to connect to our online meeting platform is the same name you use when booking your tour. Any access attempts made by users with unrecognised names will not be admitted to the tour;
  • Joining the tour using the same name on multiple devices is also not permitted, but there is no limit to the amount of people viewing the tour via one device;
  • If you wish to access the tour using multiple devices, please purchase multiple tickets, ensuring you use different names on each booking to avoid confusion.

For further information please refer to our full Terms & Conditions.