Our plant-based & gluten-free sampling tour of Bath takes in the city's healthy living hotspots & uncovers the many varied outlets in Bath offering veggie, plant-based & GF goodies!



Tour Duration – 2.5-3 hours

Capacity – negotiable

Private Tour – This tour is only available if booked privately for 2 or more participants

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The quest for a healthy diet and positive nutrition has been especially popular in recent years, along with a push towards sustainability, and the need to protect our environment.  Concepts of many plant based diets have largely supported this quest and a number of specialist culinary outlets have evolved to fulfil our needs, but many existing outlets have also adapted to cater to our ever changing dietary requirements, and the push towards stronger environmental ethics.  Bath has a strong community supporting this ethos and this tour visits a varied range of suppliers many of whom are focussed on this mission, as well as some other outlets who have adapted to cater accordingly, and jumped on board with the eco-foods movement.

All samples offered, are suitable for a plant-based, and gluten-free diet, and some of our suppliers will discuss their approach to sustainability and the flux of dietary needs requested by clientele.  Plant-based food is not all green, and is not just about hummus!… as with all our tours there’ll be a colourful range of food & drink samples designed to inspire and tempt you, and our friendly guides will leave you with all the know-how you need to navigate around the plant-based, and GF options in Bath!

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Included in this tour:
  • A friendly, locally-based, & knowledgable tour guide, with all the best foodie tips, who is also passionate about Bath, our suppliers, and our foodie culture;
  • A variety of 7 different food and drink tastings (savoury & sweet), the total of which represents a light meal;
  • A maximum of 8 people per guide so everything is nicely intimate & enjoyable!;
  • Between 1-3 curb-side tastings, and 3-6 interior or seated tastings;
  • Highlights of Bath’s legendary history plus British food & drink history & customs;
  • Low down on local food, drink & shopping hot spots;
  • More food walking and less food talking so we can spend quality time enjoying the grub!;
  • A comprehensive handout with dining, drinking & shopping suggestions;
  • A Savouring Bath map of the city highlighting most of our suppliers so you can retrace your steps;
  • An incredible foodie experience set to the stunning backdrop of the UK’s World Heritage city of Bath!
Special Dietary Information:

Our “Planted!” tour includes:

  • Gluten: none, though some of our suppliers may use gluten products on their premises
  • Dairy/lactose: none, though some of our suppliers may use dairy/lactose products on their premises

Samples on this tour can be adjusted to accommodate: most dietary needs

This tour works best for: anyone, including participants requiring a plant-based/gluten-free/dairy-free diet

This tour provides limited value for: n/a

This tour is not recommended for: n/a

Please see our Special Dietary Requirements Policy for more detailed information.