Georgian Fare

We’ll discover & sample food and drink that became popular in Bath in the 18th century and were familiar to the likes of Jane Austen!

Georgian Fare


Tour Duration – 2.5-3 hours

Capacity – negotiable

Private Tour – This tour is only available if booked privately for 2 or more participants

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This unusual foodie tour of Bath, is an historical jaunt through the foods which put Bath on the culinary map of 18th century Britain.  It provides a first hand experience with sample tastings of some of the foods and drink, which were created in the UK’s great World Heritage city during it’s golden era.

We’ll discover and sample foods that were created here and became popular during the time of Beau Nash, and Jane Austen.  You’ll also discover some of the lost food retail establishments from the city’s past, and hear what other great writers have had to say about the culinary creations concocted in Bath.

Join the Savouring Bath team to uncover Bath’s culinary history by using your taste buds!

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Included in this tour:
  • A friendly, locally-based, & highly knowledgable guide to lead your tour, who is passionate about Bath, and the city’s foodie culture & history;
  • A variety of ~6 different food and drink tastings (including alcohol beverage samples), the total of which represents a medium sized lunch;
  • All tastings are of foods & drinks which have a historic tale behind them and an intimate connection with the city, which our guide will share with you;
  • A maximum of 8 people per guide so everyone can have a great experience!;
  • ~3 seated tastings, plus a mix of curb-side, interior & exterior tastings;
  • Detail of Bath’s legendary food history plus stories of the characters who have helped put Bath on the culinary map of the UK;
  • A Savouring Bath map of the city highlighting some of our regular suppliers and a handout which highlights some of the best independent culinary and retail outlets around the city;
  • An incredible foodie experience set to the stunning backdrop of the UK’s UNESCO World Heritage City of Bath!
Special Dietary Information:

Our “Georgian Fare” tour includes:

  • Gluten: in the majority of samples offered
  • Dairy/lactose: in the majority of samples offered

Samples on this tour can be adjusted to accommodate: vegetarians, and pescatarians

This tour works best for: participants with a broad palette who are able to consume gluten and dairy products, and vegetarians

This tour provides limited value for: participants who are not able to consume any gluten or dairy products

This tour is not recommended for: participants requiring a entirely plant-based, gluten-free, and/or dairy/lactose-free diet

Please see our Special Dietary Requirements Policy for more detailed information.

This tour occasionally includes an alcoholic beverage, which will not be served to under 18s; if you look under the age of 25 you may be asked to show ID before our supplier offers you any alcoholic samples.