Food Heroes

This tour brings you up close & personal with the legendary food specialities that have left their mark on the city AND the innovative individuals driving the current culinary scene.

Food Heroes

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Tour Duration – 3 hours

Price per person – £65 (£10 discount automatically to all tickets booked before 1st November!)

Capacity – min 2 participants, max 8 participants (reduced to max of 5 while social distancing restrictions remain in place)

Schedule – Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, at 9:45am

This tour is currently booking up to 28th February 2021, but future dates will be released in due course.  If you would like to book now for a date beyond this booking period, please get in touch with us.

Celebration Packages – These are available to be added per person when you book this tour.

Please use the ‘Book now’ button to check availability on the date you require.

For just a few years, the UK has slowly been transforming itself into one of the most exciting food cultures in the world, thanks to a unique blend of tradition, innovation and openness to world cuisines. Bath is no stranger to this trend and has become a popular destination for foodies. With Savouring Bath, you will have a chance to experience why! On this tour, you will encounter two types of Bath “food hero”: the legendary food specialities that have left their mark on the city AND the innovative individuals who are driving the current culinary scene. Let your tastebuds do the walking!

This tour complies with Visit England’s “We’re Good To Go” marque.  Click the logo for more details, or scroll down to read a summary of what we do to help keep you safe during this tour.

Bring an empty stomach, a broad palette, and a culinary sense of adventure as you let your tastebuds do the walking!

For more information read our Frequently Asked Questions

Included in this tour:
  • A friendly and personable, locally-based tour guide, who is directly connected to (and passionate about) Bath’s independent food & drink industry;
  • A variety of 7 different food and drink tastings (savoury & sweet), the total of which represents a light meal;
  • 1 curb-side tasting, and 6 interior or seated tastings;
  • Highlights of Bath’s legendary history plus low-down on local food, drink & shopping hot spots;
  • A comprehensive handout with dining, drinking & shopping suggestions;
  • A bespoke map of the city highlighting our suppliers so you can retrace your steps;
  • An incredible culinary sampling experience set to the stunning backdrop of the UK’s World Heritage city of Bath!

If the date you require for a tour is not available, click here to let us your requirements for a private tour!

Special Dietary Information:

Our “Food Heroes” tour includes:

  • Gluten: in the majority of samples offered
  • Dairy/lactose: in the majority of samples offered

Samples on this tour can be adjusted to accommodate: vegetarians and pescatarians

This tour works best for: participants with a broad palette who are able to consume gluten and dairy products; and vegetarians

This tour provides limited value for: participants who are not able to consume any gluten or dairy products

This tour is not recommended for: participants requiring an entirely plant-based, gluten-free, and/or dairy/lactose-free diet

Please see our Special Dietary Requirements Policy for more detailed information.

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What we do to help keep you safe during our “Food Heroes” tour:
  • During your tour, all participants must observe current government social distancing guidelines which will be reiterated by your guide at the start of the tour;
  • Please be prepared for some visits to take place outdoors with curb-side/exterior visits, and limited interior/seated visits;
  • You may be asked to enter supplier premises to collect food/drink included in your tour, or samples may be collected by your guide (in closed containers) and shared with you at a convenient &  comfortable space nearby, in order to maintain social distancing guidelines;
  • Interior visits will only take place if availability and/or social distancing permits;
  • You may be asked to bring some items with you such as a hand sanitiser, and a face covering.  Details will be specified in your booking confirmation.

For further information read our Health & Safety Guide.

Flexible Booking Terms

Our standard booking terms account for cancellation/exchange up to 2 weeks prior to your booked tour. For the purposes of this tour however, and while social distancing restrictions remain in place, all bookings are subject to the following exceptions to our standard terms & conditions to provide you with more flexibility and confidence in booking our tour.

  • Cancellation or exchange requests made more than 3 days prior to the tour or event date are subject to an administrative fee of £2.50 per ticket.
  • Cancellation or exchange requests made with less than 3 days before the confirmed tour or event date are subject to a fee of 100% of the total cost of the booking.

This information is incorporated in a separate section of our standard booking terms which you can read here.