Mark Fuller

Food tour guide

Who are you?

I’ve always loved travel, the travel industry, and travelling myself. I’ve never been one of those people who visits a country and tries to find the nearest British breakfast or burger bar, instead, I’ve always hunted down the most authentic local cuisine. My love for food has also always been linked to travel. Being a ‘townie’, city-life has never really appealed to me, at least not until I came to live in Bath in 2014. The diversity of the cultures and influences in Bath means that you can have a meal from a different culture and it still feels and tastes authentic rather than the “western-version-of“.


What makes you say:

Cheese. I really love stinky cheese. The more it smells like old socks the better! It’s best on biscuits with chutney, especially a caramelised red onion chutney. Enough so that it squishes out and drips on your fingers and on the floor. I also love it in a risotto. Blue cheese stirred into pasta or risotto is just lovely!

Celery… what’s the point of celery! It doesn’t even do anything. It’s just stringy, watery, tasteless nothing which is only good for using as a door stop!

“That’s weird!”
I once had a plate of Fruits de Mer in France which involved pulling heads off fishy things and sticking miniature forks into snail shells. It was lovely but weird!

“I love leading food tours mostly because…”
I have such a passion for food and for what Bath has to offer. The direction the Bath food industry is going in with local producers is inspiring to me. Supporting each other as a community by buying local is something I really love, and the variety in Bath is just massive – from Asian, vegetarian wraps, to full-on hog roasts… I really love tasting everything! Leading food tours has been an amazing opportunity for me, as I’ve always wanted to work with food but without being stuck in a kitchen with no exposure to people. Working on a food tour means I have the contact with the food while being out in the open and sharing it with other people.

“I love Bath because…”
There’s such a diverse mix of cultures, backgrounds, classes etc. making for a vibrant, interesting and friendly city. It’s got everything you need right on the doorstep.

“My favourite Savouring Bath tour is…”
Local Flavours because it’s so lovely to interact with all the different producers selling their wares on the farmers market, and so great to see where the food is really coming from. I also love meeting the people who are so proud and passionate about the food and drink they’ve produced. I also really love being able to try before you buy!!
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