Cheryl Corcoran

Food tour guide

Cheryl is trained and qualified as a tourist guide for the South West of England.

Who are you?

When I left uni I wanted to travel so headed to Madrid to teach English as a foreign language. I always loved teaching as there was always a theatrical aspect to the job – someone once said that all English teachers are essentially failed actors & actresses! Eventually wanting a change in my career, I started working with young people with special needs in Bristol, but then after several years went back to wanting a more theatrical life so got into tour guiding. Coming to Bath was just down to love!


What makes you say:

Chocolate! … and pudding! I just love any sort of pudding, but if I have to choose between pudding and anything else, it would always be pudding. If it was the end of the world and I had a choice between a 5 course meal and pudding, I would always choose pudding – 5 puddings if possible!!!

Tripe! I tried it when I lived in Spain which is somehow big on tripe (‘callos’) and a friend said to me, “we’ll go to a bar one day and I’ll order it but I won’t tell you what it is – when you try it you’ll love it”. I tried it without realising and went “eugh”!

“That’s weird!”
I once had beetroot ice cream and it was really good. It was at a restaurant in Bath which has sadly now closed and become a hairdressers… but if you can find beetroot ice cream, try it as it’s really surprisingly good.

“I love leading food tours mostly because…”
The people who make the foods we share seem to love engaging with the people on the tour; they’re so passionate about what they’re selling and I find that to be hugely inspiring.

“I love Bath because…”
It’s lively, innovative, creative… sometimes the city can come across as a bit self-interested, but even though there’s a stuffy element there’s also lots and lots of new, lively people coming in to the city, which gives the city lots of life. Having the universities and the tourists really makes it a wonderfully lively place and I just love the buzz the city has, and the many different types of people that make it such an interesting place, where there’s always something different going on to draw interest.

“My fave place in the city…”
I really love the Roman Baths. If I’d been around in Roman times I’d have been there in the baths and I’d have been wallowing in the thermal waters on a daily basis! And I would’ve been eating dormouse stuffed with acorns and dying my hair with Portuguese urine!!!… apparently Portuguese urine was also the best mouthwash at the time! It had to be from Portugal… not just from a Portuguese person!!! There was something about their diet which made it the best mouth wash, but it was also used for bleaching clothes and hair! I’m full of useful facts!! 😉

“My favourite Savouring Bath tour is…”
Food Heroes because the people we visit on this tour are so very enthusiastic and clearly love what they do. They’re mostly young individuals who bring a huge amount of energy, rather than more experienced people who rely primarily on their expertise (which we also have), but everyone we meet on this tour has a good mix of both expertise, enthusiasm, and energy, and they all really want people to be as inspired by their product as they are! They’re not just trying to sell you a cup of coffee for example, but they want you to really love that cup of coffee you’ve bought.
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