Carol Morley

Food tour guide

Carol is trained as a local tourist guide in Bath.

Who are you?

Bath is my home city. I grew up & went to school here. After graduating, I went to work in Italy where I taught English and I lived in Puglia for 6 years or so. Then I came back to Bath and because I spoke Italian I got into working in the tourism industry, and I’ve subsequently spent a lot of time working for various holiday companies as a Tour Manager. I spent around 15 years working in and near Rome where I started working with food tours, combining my passion for history with food… and wine!!


What makes you say:

An apperitivo such as a well made negroni or campari soda! And antipasti such as cheeses and roasted veg. Pasta too of course! I enjoy all the Italian stuff but mostly the culinary traditions from the south of Italy.

I really don’t get on with creamy sauces particularly in my pasta. I like cream with a dessert but not with savoury – that’s why I prefer Italian food to French food generally.

“That’s weird!”
Well – I don’t want to offend anyone but in Hong Kong we were served a sea slug soup. I avoided it and managed to eat the ‘juice’ and not the slug! It was part of a cultural meal and we were all offered it but I just found it really difficult and I felt rude to refuse it completely. In Germany they serve pasta instead of things like chips!… so you might have meat, veg, and pasta!… again it’s just a cultural thing but I’m just not that kind of combination.

“I love leading food tours mostly because…”
I consider myself to be quite a foodie and I love guiding but the fact that I can do a tour based around food really suits me down to the ground, as it combines all the things I love. It just fits the bill perfectly!

“I love Bath because…”
It’s my home city. When you visit other cities or live in other places, and you come back to your own city, you realise how lucky we are to live where we do. The history & architecture of the city is amazing and because I grew up here I still have friends here so I have everything I need and love around me.

“My fave place in the city…”
Victoria Park! There’s the back drop of the Royal Crescent, the Botanical Gardens, and there’s a lovely walk through the park back in to the city. It’s a great place for picnics in the summer, particularly in the light evenings on the lawn in front of the Royal Crescent… especially with a bottle of wine while the sun’s setting.

“My favourite Savouring Bath tour is…”
Local Flavours – people really love the market and I really love watching the people enjoying the interaction with the traders there. I love seeing the people connecting with food which they might not be familiar with and they all really take it on board – even stuff which people might originally find unusual. It’s great seeing people’s reactions when they try different things.