Supplier Focus: Bath Artisans Old & New 3

This 'series-within-a-series' is a 3-part overview of some of Bath's culinary artisans at different stages in their journey, all of whom bring/brought a welcome contribution to our city's food & drink scene.

Bath’s Artisans Old & New: Sweet Farewells

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Our city has a consistently changing landscape of independent businesses retailing and producing handcrafted food and drink.  Bath’s culinary artisans have become an integral part of our city, helping define us an our culture.  Contrary to the trend in closures due to the global pandemic, our city is already seeing a number of new culinary artisans entering the fray.

As part of our Supplier Focus series, I’ve produced 3 blogs taking a look at some of the businesses who’ve said goodbye, some well-established friends, and a few new faces.  In the last part (3 of 3) I’ve looked at 4 of Bath’s culinary artisans to whom we’ve said goodbye since the beginning of 2020…

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Beyond the Kale

Beyond the Kale in Green Park Station built their business alongside the success of their outlet at Chapel Arts. The offering was entirely plant based with a really lovely range of both sweet & savoury food & drink. It was a great stop during our tours where visitors were wowed by their colourful and tasty range of juices.

Beyond the Kale closed in December 2019 with an apparent intention of reopening in early 2020. Sadly this never transpired. There was always a lovely buzz in here and we miss them much.

Thankfully we do still have various other vegan outlets in the city. The fabulous Green Rocket Cafe at the opposite side of town is a lovely visit for any vegan and vegetarian needs!

Click here to read more about The Green Rocket

Phat Yaks

This is not such a sad story! Phat Yaks was the fledgling business of a younger member of the Gurung family who are well known in Bath. Things went pretty well to start with as they shared their amazing menu of street food here. This complimented their well established restaurant, Yak Yeti Yak in Manvers Street.

They developed a loyal following, but bigger opportunities came up on the festival circuit. So what was Phat Yaks has now become a mobile business serving great Nepalese style street food. Now known as Khana you can catch them at markets, festivals and events around the country. Phat Yaks former unit in Kingsmead Square is now a Lebanese street food outlet which opened in November.

There’s good news for all lovers of Nepalese cuisine in Bath however! That’s because Phat Yaks parent outlet remains hugely popular and isn’t going anywhere. Yak Yeti Yak is a well loved, slightly hidden, but well known secret in Bath!! It’s often listed in the top restaurants in the city. This stylish Nepalese restaurant has an amazing menu which is very reasonably priced. There’s a lovely family atmosphere, and it has a special place in the hearts of many Bathonians.

Click here to read more about Yak Yeti Yak

Comins Tea House

I think of all the outlets which have closed recently, this is the one many will miss the most. Laura & Luca (plus another Luca who was a silent partner) retailed luxury Italian food & drink here. It was special because it was mostly sourced directly from small producers across Italy.

They ran some wonderful supper clubs and events where we made lots of happy memories. They shared their passion for their products on so many visits, and Laura has remained a close friend to us. Luca returned to Italy to focus on his accommodation business but we’ve also kept in touch. We had a lot of good times with these guys at their old shop in George Street. It often brings a tear when I pass nowadays.

However, it looks like the premises may have a new occupant really soon. Watch this space!

Meanwhile, Avellinos continue IFH’s legacy slightly further from the city centre on Cleveland Place. They also have great range of Italian sourced food & drink products and have a loyal following in the city.

Click here to read more about Avellinos

The Cakery

There seems to be more than one person in Bath operating a bespoke cake business called Ella! The Ella in this case is a young entrepeneur who started her business with a stall in Green Park station. It eventually grew to become this friendly shop and cafe in Widcombe on the edge of the city centre. We used to visit with our tours on Saturdays for some of the best cake in Bath!

Sadly, it was not to be and after only a short time trading, Ella had to let go of her shop and cafe. There is another happy here ending though. Ella remains one of Bath’s culinary artisans as she is now back to making her signature cakes to order privately. The shop also got a new lease of life recently as the locally renowned Larkhall Butchers moved in and opened in November. They’ve brought another great offering to this much loved and less-visited part of the city.

You can still order Ella’s beautiful range of cakes online. She has an amazing selection including some surprisingly rich and tasty gluten-free, dairy-free & vegan options!

Click here to read more about Baked By Ella

Many of Bath’s culinary artisans have been affected by the effects of the last 12 months.  Many may still be adversely affected yet.  However, while we say fond farewells to so many, it’s always good to know that there are more to continue their legacy.  Bath is a melting pot of culinary entrepreneurs, making it an incredible place to live and visit.

Do patronise your local independent businesses wherever you are.  Supporting independent businesses through good times & bad, means people continue to innovate, always conjuring new ideas for us to enjoy!

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