Private foodie tours & experiences

Bespoke options for groups of any size, with immersive culinary experiences!

Private foodie tours & experiences

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We offer bespoke foodie tours & experiences for both small or large groups, designed exclusively to your requirements based on a large range of options.

If you have a special event such as a birthday, or anniversary, or if you are looking to entertain guests or corporate groups with a culinary experience of Bath and/or the surrounding region, we will customise your event based entirely on your needs. We can also provide tours & events for travel trade groups.  From as little as £50 per person we’ll include a meals worth of food & drink samples and an incredible experience of the best of Bath’s culinary delights!

All private tour & experience options are bespoke entirely to your needs, and draw on the skills of Bath’s huge range of incredible artisan culinary producers, to make your event extra special.  We can include up to 8 sample tastings on a 3 hour tour, or we can provide a shorter tour to suit your needs.

You can also opt to combine your tour with special activities such as: a wine tasting with locally renowned wine experts; chocolate masterclass; a Tiramisu building workshop; artisanal gin, rum, or cocktail masterclasses; a pasta masterclass; brewery tours; or Italian food workshops, such as Olive Oil & Balsamic sampling games!…and much, much more!

Get out of town!  You can also choose to combine your tour with visits to culinary production sites close to the city.  We’ll provide transportation, and you can choose to visit one or more from a selection of food & drink producers, such as: cheese farms; sausage makerschilli farms; artisanal dairy ice cream factories; professional kitchen gardens; community farms; cider or ale tasting rooms & production facilities; vineyards; and many other producers representing the best of Bath & Somerset’s regional culinary offerings!

As well as our entirely bespoke options, we can also customise one of the existing tours from our portfolio to suit your needs:

Guilty Pleasures” ; “Food Heroes” ; “Local Flavours”

We also offer a range of tours & events which follow a pre-defined theme or structure, exclusively for private groups:

“Georgian Fare” – historically themed food & drink sampling

– “Foodie Frenzy” team-based scavenger hunts

…more to come soon!

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