Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures is about self indulgence, exposing you to those special treats which make your eyes roll and your mouth drool!

Guilty Pleasures


Tour Duration – 3 hours  |  Price per person – £55

For all tours in 2019 the price is automatically discounted to £45 during the booking process.

Capacity – min 2 participants, max 8 participants

Schedule (2019: until 15th November) – Thursdays & Fridays at 2pm; plus selected other weekdays at 2pm

Schedule (2020: from 4th February) – Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 2pm (no tours on 10th April or 8th May)

Please use the ‘Book now’ button to check availability on the date you require.  If your required date is no longer available or if would like to book this tour on any other date, ‘contact us’ now with your requirements!

Our Guilty Pleasures tour was born out of the idea of indulgence!  We’ll take you to all the places where you’d love to go and indulge on a daily basis but really feel you shouldn’t!!  Think about those moments when you take just one more chocolate from the box, an extra mini-sausage roll from the buffet, or one more little piece of cake… just when you think nobody’s looking!… well that’s the kind of food you’ll be sampling on this tour.

Not for the calorie counters of the world, Guilty Pleasures introduces some of the best of Bath’s culinary artisans.  Each of them experts in that something special which would add to your waistline if indulged a-plenty, but amidst our selection of specially curated samples, will simply act as fleeting temptation, ensuring you know where to come for your special moment that’s all about you, when you have room to spare!

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Included in this tour:
  • A friendly, locally-based, & knowledgable tour guide, with all the best foodie tips, who is also passionate about Bath, our suppliers, and our foodie culture;
  • A variety of 7- 8 different food and drink tastings (savoury & sweet), over a mix of standing, seated, interior, and exterior visits;
  • Most special dietary needs catered for (with advance notice);
  • A maximum of 8 people on each tour so everything is nicely intimate & enjoyable!;
  • Highlights of Bath’s legendary history plus British food & drink history & customs;
  • More food walking and less food talking so you focus on enjoying the culinary indulgences!;
  • Low down on local food, drink & shopping hot spots;
  • A comprehensive handout with dining, drinking & shopping suggestions;
  • A Savouring Bath map of the city highlighting most of our suppliers so you can retrace your steps;
  • An incredible foodie experience set to the stunning backdrop of the UK’s World Heritage city of Bath!
Special Dietary Information:

Our “Guilty Pleasures” tour includes:

  • Gluten: in at least 2 samples
  • Dairy/lactose: in the majority of samples

Samples on this tour can be adjusted to accommodate: vegetarians and pescatarians

This tour works best for: participants with a broad palette who are able to consume limited amounts of gluten and dairy products

This tour provides limited value for: participants who require an entirely plant-based, gluten-free, and/or dairy/lactose-free diet

This tour is not recommended for: n/a

Please see our Special Dietary Requirements Policy for more detailed information.

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