Redeem a Voucher

Use this page to redeem your gift voucher to join one of our artisan culinary sampling experiences in Bath!
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Redeem a Gift Voucher

Before clicking the button below to you redeem your gift voucher you will need the following information:

  • Your voucher redemption code (shown on your e-voucher);
  • Participant names & any special dietary requirements;
  • Your contact details on the day of the tour;

Help with Voucher Redemption

You can redeem more than one voucher on the same booking (e.g. if you have ‘Extra Participant‘ vouchers) by clicking ‘Redeem Another‘ after you have input your first voucher code.  You can also pay for extra participants on the same booking by clicking ‘Add More‘ at the Checkout page.

Gift Vouchers for Scheduled Tours:

  • You should also have your preferred tour and date ready;
  • You can check this on our Tour Schedule first;
  • You can also check availability on your required date by clicking the ‘Book Now‘ button under the tour description, before redeeming your voucher;
  • Be sure to come back to this page to redeem your voucher and click the button above as you will not be able to redeem any vouchers by using the ‘Book Now‘ button;

Gift Vouchers for Private Tours:

  • Before you can redeem your voucher for a private tour you should contact us as instructed on your voucher, to ensure that your required date has been confirmed and added to our booking facility;
  • To redeem your Private tour voucher:
    • Click the ‘Redeem A Voucher‘ button above, and input your voucher code then click ‘Redeem‘;
    • On the next page click ‘Private Tour‘;
    • Next select 1 from the dropdown ‘Private Tour (deposit)‘ and then continue the booking process by selecting the date you have already agreed with us and continuing to provide all further booking details as requested;
  • If you wish to pay for extra participants, click ‘Add More‘ at the checkout, then go through the same process, but this time select the relevant number of extra participants from the dropdown ‘Private Tour (balance)‘;

If you experience any difficulty with voucher redemption please contact us by emailing and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.